Jordan Emanuel Reveals Her Ways To Wellness: Self-Love And Spa Days!

For the “Winter House” star, setting boundaries is key to self-care. Find out how the self-proclaimed potato enthusiast navigates her wellness journey by keeping her peace and carving days on the calendar to be alone.

Jordan Emanuel Shares Her "Ways To Wellness"
Photos by Jordan Emanuel via Instagram (@jordy_jor)

Wellness is a deeply personal journey, shaped by individual interpretations. Creative Director Emerald Elitou created the series ‘Ways To Wellness’ as a way to highlight professional women who use self-care practices to nurture their mind, body, and soul. Hopefully, this candid conversation with Jordan Emanuel inspires you to create your own self-care and wellness rituals.

Jordan Emanuel has no problem marking the calendar to set boundaries and carve out time for self-love. “Sometimes I truly do have to put in my calendar ‘Jordan Day’ and tell everyone I can’t go out, I’m not answering messages, and I’m not posting on the internet. It’s a day for me to unplug completely,” she tells BrownStyle Magazine.

Although the Bravo Winter House and Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard star admits that setting boundaries can be tough for her, she finds it necessary when navigating her wellness journey.

“To me, wellness is about setting boundaries with others and yourself. It’s about parenting yourself at times, and being a friend to yourself at other times,” the professional DJ explains. “I think wellness is about finding what works for someone individually. It should be 100% custom to your lifestyle and needs.”

Skincare and spa days top Emanuel’s list of favorite self-care and wellness activities. “I love, love, love, skincare. I have a closet full of skincare products! I love trying new products to keep my face and body looking fresh and hydrated. I also love unplugging from my phone and computer to indulge in a spa day.”

Ahead, get to know the co-founder of the non-profit Women with Voices. Plus, find out how she’s embracing a Soulful Soft Life filled with self-care, self-reflection, and spa days.

Discovering Her Ways To Wellness

Jordan Emanuel Shares Her "Ways To Wellness"
Photos by Jordan Emanuel via Instagram (@jordy_jor)

Emanuel explains that mindset played a big role in helping her unlock her wellness routine. It started with reimagining her wellness goals to be less “required” and more like something to strive for and accomplish in the day. 

“Having a bite-sized, daily checklist makes me feel better than forgetting one thing and feeling like I did everything wrong,” she tells us. “Every day is the opportunity to just start and as long as I’ve done at least one thing for myself like drinking enough water, working out, going for a walk, or doing my skincare routine, I’m on track for my goals.”

Navigating Roadblocks & Staying Balanced

Jordan Emanuel Shares Her "Ways To Wellness"
Photos by Jordan Emanuel via Instagram (@jordy_jor)

When it comes to navigating mental roadblocks, Emanuel turns to the benefits of rest and reflection to get back on track. “I have to just sit in it sometimes. It almost feels like an emotional sauna where I have to sit in my emotions until they seep out of my pores and turn into dust,” she explains. “I’m a big believer in honoring my feelings so I can really get to the root of the problem. It helps me let go of that feeling and replace it with a more productive one.”

To keep a work-life balance in her hectic schedule, the Bravo star takes it day by day. “I usually find balance throughout the week, rather than day to day. If I’ve had a chaotic week, I choose to stay in or do very low-key activities on the weekend.”

To keep herself uplifted, she also invests in her well-being with things and activities that bring her joy. “I splurge on workout classes and spa treatments. I take myself to nice dinners. I splurge on skincare products. I think everyone’s mood is better when they’ve had more rest and recharged, we just operate better that way,” she notes.

Her Morning & Night Routine

Jordan Emanuel Shares Her "Ways To Wellness"
Photos by Jordan Emanuel via Instagram (@jordy_jor)

“I always feel better when I stick to a routine. It ultimately helps me maintain a soft life,” Emanuel reveals about how she navigates her busy schedule as a TV personality, model, and DJ.

Although she admits that she doesn’t always ace her morning routine due to work obligations, she always tries to carve out time for herself in the morning. “When I did have a set morning routine, I would wake up and refuse to look at my phone until I had a glass of water. After I brushed my teeth and made my bed, I set my intentions for the day. I’d like to get back to that and add a 5-minute stretch as well.”

As for her nighttime routine, she proudly tells us she never misses a beat when it comes time to wind down for bed. 

“My nighttime routine is the most consistent because I naturally stay up late, so typically all of my distractions are subsided and it’s just me. I love a nighttime skin mask and watching my favorite show,” she says. “I’ve also been into making magnesium mocktails using some of the flavors from Poppi, the magnesium from Moon Juice, and Tart cherry juice. It’s my delicious little way of relaxing into a really good night’s sleep!”

Her Words Of Wisdom For BrownStyle Readers

“Treat yourself like you would your best friend, parent, significant other, or child,” Emanuel advises. “Check your self-talk and make sure it’s aligned with how you would speak to a loved one. Be kind to yourself. That means actively freeing yourself from routines or people that don’t serve you.” 

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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