Non-Toxic Candles You’ll Love In 2024—And Beyond!

Your candles could be concealing hidden toxins that can potentially cause damage to your lungs with every breath you take. Find out what ingredients to look out for. Plus, see what brands we love to shop!

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Does your soft life consist of lighting a candle after a long day? That’s great! However, you should know that dangerous ingredients could be lurking within the soothing candle that you thought represented a relaxing end to the day.

While the love for candle-burning prevails, a growing number of individuals have raised concerns about the potential health hazards associated with inhaling the dangerous chemicals that emit toxins into the air for hours on end. 

When we spoke to ENT Physician, Dr. Nishant Reddy, MD about the topic, he emphasized the need to steer clear of synthetic wax-based candles due to their potential risks to lung and sinus health. 

“Ingredients such as benzene and toluene that are commonly found in synthetic candles may cause damage to the lining of the lungs and sinuses,” he tells BrownStyle Magazine. “These chemicals may also cause allergic reactions leading to lung and sinus dysfunction.”

As much as we enjoy our conventional candles, it may be time to call it quits and break up with any synthetic wax that might compromise your well-being. According to Dr. Upinder Singh, Chief Medical Officer of Valley Oaks Med, it’s extremely important to purchase candles that meet high-quality standards. It’s also vital that users never leave candles unattended and only burn them in well-ventilated rooms.

Thankfully, there’s a whole world filled with natural, clean candle options that are safer for you. Recently, numerous brands have chosen to embrace non-toxic, organic ingredients to ensure consumers have options when purchasing a candle that is safe for everyone in the house— including our furry family members.

Read on to meet your new candle match that’s sure to ignite flames and fill your soul with lovely health-conscious aromas.

The Best Non-Toxic Candles

Fontana Candle Co.

Fontana Candle provides candles with 100% natural ingredients that pass Made Safe screenings. They also include complete ingredient transparency, third-party certification, and consumer education on how to identify safe and non-toxic scented products. 

The Warm and Cozy Bundle provides all the cold season favorite scents including Spiced Latte, Pure Vanilla, and Pumpkin to make your space smell like a delectable treat. The wicks are wooden for extra health measures. 

(It’s important to keep in mind that Fontana Candles require additional care and maintenance for the perfect burn.)


LAVANILA formulations are made of natural ingredients, paving the way for non-toxic, safe products. The Vanilla Sugarcane Candle is a clean-burning, 100% natural soy candle that instantly transports you to your haven. To create a subtly sweet moment, this candle is infused with sparkling sugarcane and bright mandarin.

Additionally, there is no need to be worried about harmful pollutants, toxins, or soot being released into the air as you breathe.


Loam’s garden-inspired, non-toxic candles are the perfect option to warm up your space. This female-founded, Black-owned business ensures all candles are handmade in small batches with coconut and soy waxes. Created with 100% cotton wicks, this candle is designed to provide a long-lasting burn that’s safe for all humans and pets. 

Loam’s candles also make a promise to be completely paraben, paraffin, petroleum, and phthalate-free, so they earned a spot on our best non-toxic candle list.

“I recommend the Herb Bed scent that gives off just the right amount of calming, warm yet smoky with its Lavender and Tobacco notes.” –Erika Pisano, BrownStyle Magazine 

NoseBest Candles

NoseBest Candles is a POC/Queer-owned brand based in Brooklyn, New York that offers a non-toxic option whenever you’re in the mood to light a candle. 

Aside from the fact that everything is hand-poured with 100% soy wax, the candles have cotton core wicks and are free of phthalates, mutagens, and carcinogens. The scents Send Nudes and Witching Hour are insanely good. 

It’s worth noting that each candle features a Spotify playlist and a cocktail recipe to take the customer’s experience to the next level! 

High on Love

High On Love’s Strawberry Champagne Massage Candle is true romance in a jar. This luxe vegan candle has a soy-based blend inclusive of nourishing cannabis seed oil and coconut oil that fills the room with a sweet, sensual scent of creamy strawberry champagne. 

This silky, smooth candle is made in small batches with premium, natural, high-quality ingredients that are so good for you, that the warm oils can be applied to your skin to encourage relaxation.

TOCCA Luxury Candles

If you’re looking for luxury in a jar, TOCCA’s Candela Classica Tangier is the elite option. As soon as you open the package, the warm embrace of an upscale hotel immediately fills the air. 

Perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons, this hand-poured, soy wax candle has a 60-hour lifespan of burn time and creates a distinct, yet beautiful ambiance in your home. The aroma of sweet tabak and vanilla will take your breath away, without the worry of harming you. 

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