48 Father’s Day Gifts To Wow Dad This Year—Last-Minute Friendly!

From tech gadgets and gourmet treats to personalized keepsakes and adventure experiences, our curated selection has something for every type of Dad!

Father's Day Gift Guide
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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re still searching for that perfect gift to show Dad how much he means to you, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Our awesome roundup of last-minute gift ideas will make him feel truly special. From tech gadgets and gourmet treats to personalized keepsakes and adventure experiences, our curated selection has something for every type of dad.

Keep scrolling to see our ultimate list of Father’s Day gifts that will leave him smiling from ear to ear!

For The Fitness Fanatic

MAJOR FITNESS | Lightning F35

This versatile, all-in-one folding power rack provides over 80 diverse full-body exercises, giving new meaning to the term “Dad Bod.”

Nike | Marquee Edge Mirrored Sunglasses

Looking for a gift for the sporty Dad who loves to stay fly? Look no further than these stylish sunglasses that offer panoramic views in an ultralight frame. 

Southtip | Restore: 1:1 CBG + CBD Topical for Sore Muscles 

Stiffness and aches can linger for days after hard workouts or manual labor. To help him recover quickly, get him this CBD-infused topical for full-body relief. Use the discount code BrownStyle for 15% off your order!

Balanced Body | Ultra-Fit Circle Pilates Ring

If he loves to workout at home, then help him achieve his upper and lower body goals with this beginner-friendly Pilates ring. Featuring the perfect level of resistance, this exercise ring is designed for anyone who wants to get their body in tip top shape.

Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed by Jay Dicharry

This book will help Dad become a stronger, faster, and more durable runner! Created by America’s leading endurance sports physical therapist, this guide is updated to include the latest research and a new chapter to help runners combat common overuse injuries.


Sockwell | Men’s Plantar Sport Quarter Relief Socks

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia absorbs too much tension. This causes small tears in the fascia, especially when exercising. These socks are made with firm compression around the arch to help absorb stress that’s often passed fully onto the fascia and allow Dad to remain comfortable all day.

Balanced Body | SmartBell

Help Dad build a powerhouse body with this tool used for both strength and core training exercises. As a bonus, it also acts as a stretch and release tool.

For The Grooming Guy

Elina Organics | Men’s Nourishing Shave Set

Who can go wrong with a luxury skin care shave set includes a face wash, aftershave, and shave butter? This creamy formula, featuring natural ingredients and a probiotic blend of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, helps to soothe and protect the skin while providing hydration for a smoother appearance.

Kings Crowning | Reign and King Body Butter Bundle

Made with the finest shea and mango butter, this body butter will nourish his skin, leaving him with smooth and youthful skin.

ConairMan® | Showerproof Total-Body All-in-One 14-Piece Trimmer

Level up your Dad’s grooming game with this one-and-done tool equipped with six guiding combs, two body grooming combs, three jawline combs, and one five-position adjustable comb.

Korres | Pure Greek Olive 3-In-1 Nourishing Oil

This ultimate all-in-one skincare multitasker is designed to replenish essential antioxidants, vitamins, and omega fatty acids to nourish skin from head to toe.

Demeter | Rain Cologne Spray

Rain is one of the cleanest, and most delicate, fragrances a man can wear. Not only will he love this fragrance, but Mom will too.

Sud Scrub | Body Scrubber

Elevate Dad’s shower routine with this antimicrobial scrubber that will help him clean and exfoliate safely while protecting the skin from gross bacteria that is commonly found on traditional plastic loofas.

Viking Revolution | Beard Brush & Comb

Does your Dad take his beardcare seriously? Then he will love this high-quality 100% all-natural brush and double-sided comb to help him stay well-groomed and free of tangles.

Bath & Body Works | Coffee & Whiskey 3-in-1 Hair, Face & Body Wash

Who doesn’t love a morning shower to start the day on a positive note? This combination of coffee and whiskey is just what he needs to start his day feeling refreshed and ready to go!

For The Kitchen Conqueror

Omega | Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System

This fruit juicer machine will help him to extract the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste, and juice from his favorite fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. It also makes healthy and delicious pasta, fresh baby food, sorbet, nut butter, and more.

Blueprint | Snake Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is not your average snake oil; this is the real deal! This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the healthiest gifts you can give your Dad. Just one tablespoon of it in his salad or on his toast can support weight and stress management, contribute to healthy blood lipid levels and blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels, and maintain cholesterol levels.

Ergo Chef | Myron Mixon 6pc Set

Make barbecuing easier for Dad with this knife set that includes Myrons Pitmaster Grill Tool and Rib Skinner, Ergo Chef’s durable Prodigy Wide Boning knife, and Chef Gear 5 pocket roll bag for safe storage. Top-tier grilling!

Ototo | Pirate Cutting Board & Knife

Help him cut and prepare meals with a dabble of fun! This pirate cutting board wood and knife is crafted with durable and long-lasting wood to withstand the toughest culinary adventures.

One Trick Pony | Peanut Butter Three-Jar Variety Set

This super healthy peanut butter made with just two ingredients— roasted Argentinian peanuts and a dash of Patagonian Sea salt— is just what he needs to add to his protein drink or homemade cookies.

Ototo | Papa Nessie Pasta Spoon

Whether he is making his favorite linguine or spaghetti dish, this easy-to-use (and find) spoon is crafted to effortlessly serve delicious bowls of noodles.

Buzzy Seeds | Kitchen Herbs Windowsill Grow Kit

You can never go wrong with basil, cilantro, and chives! To help Dad elevate his culinary experience, gift him this kit that has everything he needs to grow fresh herbs. Just add water, sunshine, and a little love!

Kyvan | Sweet BBQ Sauce

This award-winning Mississippi recipe— featuring ripe tomatoes, brown sugar, and a distinctive mix of smoke— will more than likely become his new favorite “secret” sauce for cookouts!

Burlap & Barrel | Ghetto Gastro Smoke n Herb

In collaboration with Ghetto Gastro— a Bronx–based culinary collective— this floral and tropical all-purpose blend is a big mood! A blend of salt, white and black pepper, herbs, and smoky chipotle chilies is exactly what’s needed to make his BBQ seafood, poultry, and meats the talk of the city.

For The Forward Thinker

True Wealth: 9 Lessons from a Grandfather on Happiness and Abundance by Ken Honda

Upon the passing of his millionaire grandfather, 20-year-old Kei inherits a series of nine letters covering the entirety of his grandfather’s learned wisdom. Each letter reveals an important lesson about what is most important in life: Synchronicity, Decision, Intuition, Action, Money, Work, Failure, Relationships, and Destiny. 

Dad’s Story: A Memory and Keepsake Journal for My Family | Korie Herold

Help Dad share his legacy with this keepsake legacy journal that offers a beautiful way to record meaningful moments, stories, and advice to pass down to the next generation.

Big Boys Do Cry: A Man’s Guide to Navigating Emotions and Showing Up More Vulnerable in Relationships by Ryan Kopyar

In this book, Ryan reveals the profound strength men can find in tears—a revelation that took him almost three decades to embrace. His tireless work reshapes false narratives. The takeaway? Tears are not a sign of weakness but a catalyst for transformative strength.

For The Dapper Dad

Cole Haan | CH6065 Sunglasses

Does he love fly shades in the Summer? Then he will love these navigator-shaped glasses that instantly prove his cool dude status!

Vitality | Adapt Tee

This classic crew neck tee pairs perfectly with the joggers below! Designed for ultimate comfort, this tee is perfect for everyday wear.

Vitality | Prime Jogger

The active Dad will appreciate these sporty joggers that are perfect for training in the gym or a leisurely walk.

Wandrd | PRVKE Backpack

For the Dad who is always on the go, this stylish and convenient backpack will become one of his favorites! Not only does this bag have superior comfort, but it also provides hassle-free use thanks to gadget-friendly design features like easy camera access and roomy compartments.

Conair | SteamStylist 3-in-1 Steam, Press, and Iron

Dad can now easily keep his clothing smooth and dapper with this 3-in-1 tool that steams, presses, and irons. It is a must-have for a man who loves to look crisp and neat while on vacation.

&Collar | Range Shirt

This classic and vibrant New England-style check pattern shirt is perfect for the Dad who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort– he can enjoy both!

Perfect Satined | Beige Satin Lined Baseball Cap

Dad wants to protect his hair and look fly too and this classic beige satin lined baseball cap is just what he needs to protect his fade or locs. 

Two Roads | Tobin Hill Western Palm Hat

If your Dad has impeccable taste, he will love adding this handcrafted debonair hat to his collection. With care and attention to detail, this hat offers timeless Western charm and excellent sun protection. Dapper!

For The Self-Care Sire

Paul John Indian Caffeine Company | South Indian Filter Coffee Starter Kit

Dad will love this luxurious South Indian coffee gift set that includes a South Indian coffee filter, traditional Dabra sets, a packet of Paul John’s Indian Caffeine Company signature ‘Smell of Rain’ blend, and a brass measuring spoon.

SISSEL | Spinefitter

When Dad can’t make it to the masseuse, the Spinefitter is a great way for him to relax and let go of daily stresses. This innovative physical therapy and training device helps relieve tension and improve joint mobility through deep pressure. It is designed to also balance the energy and nervous systems, targeting the vertebral joints of the spine and helping to decrease blockages through movement.

Desavery | Duo Smooth and Stellar

If Dad takes his self-care routine seriously, then he wants a skincare treatment that delivers visibly smooth, hydrated, and healthy skin. The Smooth Hyaluronic Acid targets fine lines, deeply hydrates, and plumps, while the Stellar facial oil seals in hydration and intensifies moisturization to boost skin’s health.

Health-Ade Kombucha | Fan Favorite Variety Pack

Make sure that Dad is reaching for a delicious, yet healthy drink! This tasty variety pack combines Health Aide’s top-selling flavors like Berry Lemonade, Pink Lady Apple, and Pomegranate Kombucha. It’s perfect for Summer sipping, backyard BBQs, or mixing up mocktails.

Deandra Craigman Candle | Palo Santo & Sage Signature Candle

Create a vibe in Dad’s mancave with this perfectly earthy fragrance that blends cleansing palo santo, soothing sage, and the grounding essence of cedarwood, clove, and ginger. To complement the soothing vibes, DeAndra Craigman Studios has also curated a soul-stirring playlist featuring the talents of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Floetry to ease him into a calm and soothing place.

Herbal Zen | Stress Fighter

After a long and exhausting day, Dad will appreciate washing the negativity away with these shower steamers that elevate your mood and dissolve worries with the sweet blend of lavender and lemon. 

For The Techie

Logitech | MX ANYWHERE 3S Compact Wireless Performance Mouse

Dad can now move and scroll easily on his laptop with this ultimate performance, portability, and comfortable mouse. 

Sonic Power | Electric Scrubber

Meet the internet’s favorite electric scrubber! This cleaning brush will be his new cleaning day staple. Whether cleaning his tools or his car, this multi-function hand-held electric scrubber will make cleaning easy.

Conair | Comfortball™ Heat Therapy

Featuring heat therapy, this comfort ball can help soothe the aches and pains of Dad’s busy life.

Fotorama | HITSTER Card Game

Challenge Dad on his music genius with an amazing game he will love. Hitster is a game that features 300+ game cards with QR codes featuring some of the biggest hits from the past 100 years. Players take turns guessing when the songs were released, artist names, and song titles to build their music timeline. The first player to have a timeline of 10 song cards wins!

For The Mancave Dweller

RevSquared | Hand Dryer

This residential hand dryer is just what his mancave needs to easily dry his hands in a sanitary and eco-friendly way. It’s as simple as plugging it in directly to an outlet!

Vornado | OZI42 42″ Oscillating Tower Circulator

This slick and stylish tower fan will keep his mancave cool and comfortable thanks to the high-velocity focused airflow and 70º oscillation providing the whole room with circulation that everyone can enjoy. 

TAJA Collection | #1 Dad Candle

Want to light up Dad’s mancave with your love? Gift him this 100% soy wax candle will remind him just how great you think he is!

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