Gift Guide: Trendy Pieces Your Favorite Fashionista Will Love!

This holiday, give your fave fashion enthusiast a gift that speaks to their admiration for style and sophistication!

Gift Guide: Trendy Pieces Your Favorite Fashionista Will Love!
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We all know someone who’s obsessed with fashion—and if you can’t think of anyone, it’s probably you! When shopping for this person (or yourself), it’s important to find pieces that are both timeless and trendy. 

This holiday, give your fave fashion enthusiast a gift that speaks to their admiration for style and sophistication. Below, take a look at our list of handpicked gifts to give your favorite fashionista who loves to make a statement through her wardrobe! 

Kiya Tomlin | Street Trench Coat

This holiday season, help your loved one stay warm and chic in this elegant trench coat! Attractive and made to last, this coat is versatile and offers the right level of style that can be paired with a dress, slacks, or even jeans.

Akira | Azalea Wang Carmmelita Fuchsia Metal Disc Boot

These are a must-have in any shoe lover’s collection! This Fuchsia Metal Disc Boot is an attention grabber that will make your favorite fashionista the center of attention. 

Current Air | Mara Pleated Maxi Dress 

Help her step into the new year with style! This adorable V-neck maxi dress is just what she needs for the upcoming season. The flow of this piece makes it an instant must-have!

The Sopi Mitil Co. | Audrey Dress Night 

This little black dress fits like a glove while leaving a little to the imagination. It features a woven stretch fabric and asymmetrical neckline, making this classic staple a great addition to her closet!

State Cashmere | The Asymmetrical Off-Shoulder Ribbed Sweater 

Say hello to her new favorite sweater! The off-shoulder neck adds a little fun, while the ribbed knit is just the right amount of softness to keep her cozy this winter.

Kiya Yomlin | Long Sleeve Signature Dress 

Speaking of cozy, she will love this versatile dress that can easily be elevated with knee-high boots, a few gold chains, and a stylish bag. Did we mention it has pockets? Winner!

DAILY DR!LLS | Bubble Crew

For the fashionista who is living her soft life, gift her this shirt that not only looks great with matching bottoms or jeans, but it’s also comfy enough for her to wear on #SelfcareSunday.

Rogers Pearson | It’s A Vibe Marble Sunglasses

Take your style to the next level with these luxury shades. These statement-making marble rectangle frames bring a bold flair to any look. They are definitely a vibe!

Levi’s | Quilted Hooded Bubble Puffer Jacket

This jacket is designed to keep you warm and chic even during the lowest temperatures. It has practical yet stylish features including a hidden zipper, snap-button closure, and a quilted pattern. So trendy! It’s also 56% off at Zappos.

LOLLIPETALS | Reusable Nipple Covers 

These nipple covers are a fashion must-have! More than cute and functional, these covers make ta-tas look great in every cleavage-cut style. Stocking stuffer? Absolutely!

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