How To Draw Home Decor Inspiration From Popular Shows And Movies! 

Learn how to confidently display your story.

Woman in Black Sleeveless Shirt Standing With A Guitar
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‘Soulful Spaces With Erica Dike’ is BrownStyle Magazine’s new lifestyle column designed to help you transform your home into a space that feeds your soul.

As an interior designer, I believe your home should not only empower you but also celebrate your unique journey in life. These days, designing your space is all about telling your story—and I am totally here for it!  

Much like the sets of Hollywood movies and popular TV shows, more people are turning to different forms of art to showcase their personalities.

Searching for inspiration to bring life into your home? Below, find out my tips for drawing inspiration from your favorite TV and movie characters!

Embrace Your Heritage With Bold Art

Do you remember Molly Carter’s vibrant apartment in HBO’s Insecure? You’re not the only one. Although it was soft with neutral tones and gentle textures, it also had a boldness with modern ancestral Black art and portraits that adorned the walls. These weren’t just decorations; they were testaments to her heritage. Channel this energy! 

How To Do It Yourself: Display family heirlooms, showcase framed photos of loved ones, or hang artwork celebrating Black culture. I don’t know who started this “no photos” in your home decor trend, but let’s leave it in the past. Your heritage is a source of strength, flaunt it with pride!

Celebrate Your Passions

Camille Parks’ apartment in Hulu’s Harlem was a true reflection of her love for art, culture, and books. With each turn, you were met with her interests.

How To Do It Yourself: When decorating your space, think about what ignites your passion. Are you a musician? Display your favorite instrument or sheet music. A writer? Showcase your work or frame quotes from your favorite authors. Surround yourself with things that fuel your fire!

Woman in Black Sleeveless Shirt Standing With A Guitar
Photo by RDNE Stock project

Celebrate Culture With Conversation Starting Heirlooms

Celie Johnson’s vibrant quilt in The Color Purple movie wasn’t just a source of warmth, it was a symbol of her strength and resilience. Family heirlooms— whether a vintage tea set passed down from your grandmother or a handmade quilt from your aunt— remind you of the powerful women who came before you. 

How To Do It Yourself: Just like those before you, display family heirlooms in a safe space that commands attention like a shelf or a fancy armoire. These conversation starters not only add a touch of soul and history to your space, but also spark meaningful dialogue with guests of your home.

Let Personal Treasures Tell Your Story 

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Issa Dee’s quirky apartment in HBO’s Insecure was the perfect example of creating a space that reflects your personal style. Her eclectic collection of colorful mugs and quirky figurines spoke volumes about her personality.

How To Do It Yourself: Embrace the power of curated collections! If you’re a photography buff, display vintage cameras. If you love to travel, showcase travel souvenirs from your exciting adventures. These personal touches not only add vibrancy to your space but also spark fun conversations. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix & Match

Nova Bordelon’s farmhouse kitchen in OWN’s Queen Sugar seamlessly blends modern and traditional elements. Each piece in her home reflects her own personality, a sophisticated woman rooted in her heritage. 

How To Do It Yourself: Use your space as inspiration to mix and match styles! Add a playful throw pillow on a classic armchair or put a modern lamp beside a vintage chest— these unexpected pairings add personality and spark joy.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Erica Dike is the Principal Interior Designer of Erica of Ooh Designs based in Houston, TX. Formerly decoding data at NASA as a Business Analyst and Systems Engineer, Erica now transforms spaces with a gravitational pull toward fabulousness. Her boutique firm is where data-driven design takes short-term rentals and homes to astronomical levels of chic!