Joy Navon Designed Her NYC Home With Her Husband—Here’s How It Strengthened Their Bond!

The New York content creator describes the style of their home as "Modern Afro-Eclectic." Find out what she loves the most about her space!

Joy Navon In Her NYC Home
Photos courtesy of @trueartistryvp and Joy Navon

For Joy Navon, her “soulful soft life” consists of self-care routines and spending time in her new home, which is beautifully decorated with Black art that speaks to her soul. The interior design enthusiast says one of her favorite ways to unwind after a long day is to listen to a jazz playlist, burn her favorite incense and candles, and enjoy the vibes while her husband cooks dinner. 

The Brooklyn native and her husband Kent Berkley recently moved into their dream apartment. The loving couple popped on our radar when they took to Instagram to share news about their big milestone. “We’ve been together for 9 years and lived in multiple spaces together, but we never set down roots anywhere. This experience has completely changed the course of my career personally,” Navon tells BrownStyle Magazine exclusively. 

As a content creator for seven years, Navon says she’s made videos on everything from natural hair and beauty to fashion and relationships. However, it wasn’t until she began posting about her interior design skills on social media that new doors began to open in her career. 

“I feel like this is how I was intended to be introduced to the world, through interiors. It was always my passion, however, I just didn’t have a way to express it,” she candidly shares.

Joy Navon In Her NYC Home
Photo courtesy of @trueartistryvp

Today, Navon uses her platform to highlight the process of designing her space with her husband, who shares a similar interest in home design. 

“It’s been a dream come true to work together. It’s a collaborative effort but I do a lot of the creative work,” she explains. “I get a vision in my mind of how I see a space and then I’ll run the idea by my husband. He usually lends his opinions or ideas and then I mood-board them. We’re both very visual so we need to see it!”

She continues, “The fun part happens when we start shopping or working on DIYs. He’s more hands-on, so he likes to build and move things around. I focus on the aesthetics. We work perfectly as a team and somehow it just always comes together. ”

Since working on their dream home together, the couple’s relationship has only gotten stronger. “There’s a completely different bond that happens when you’re able to collaborate creatively. We’ve always worked together romantically but this has taken our relationship to a whole new level,” she tells us.

Navon describes the style of their home as “Modern Afro-Eclectic”— noting their love for clean lines and upgraded finishes. If invited into their space, you will find a lovely selection of cultural art that instantly jumps out at you. 

 “As a Black woman, my heritage and the history of my ancestors will always be at the forefront so you’re going to get a lot of texture and a lot of art. I also love color and bold statements,” she expresses. 

Navon is most proud of the Basquiat wall in their home. “I got the first piece as a gift for my husband. We were in a museum bookstore, and he saw the print and fell in love. This was years in the making but, we were finally able to afford one so I got it! Once we moved, we decided we wanted more, and it just became its own moment.”

She is also proud of their bed. “Our bed feels like a relic at this point because it’s no longer sold but, it’s probably the most popular thing that we own. We’re very grateful to have it and aesthetically, it’s one of the most beautiful furniture items I’ve ever seen,” the creator notes.

For those who want to create a “vibe” in their home, Navon offers the following advice: “Do what feels right.”

She continues, “Everyone’s vibe is different, so I don’t believe in design trends. If there’s a trendy style that you like, that’s fine. Follow it! But design is an art therefore it’s subjective. Fill your home with things you love. Use colors, textures, decor, and artwork that you’ll be happy to see every day. You’re the cheat code because you’re already a vibe.”

Joy Navon Talks Home Decor
Photo courtesy of Joy Navon

The NYC resident also suggests drawing inspiration from Pinterest and places that uplift and inspire you. “You have to go out and find things that speak to you. I’m a bit of an art geek, so art museums are another huge source of inspiration for me.”

The couple have successfully created their dream home and they couldn’t be more happy with the space that encourages them to relax and unwind. 

“I’m so thankful that I work from home, so I don’t have to leave often. Weekends at home are our favorite. We’ve really created a sanctuary. Our neighborhood is also very quiet so from the outside in, it’s tranquil. Hosting family and friends is also huge because we love to make people feel welcomed. It’s very peaceful for us but to know that it’s peaceful for company as well, that’s the biggest compliment.”

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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