Remote Work: Building Freedom, Flexibility, And Growth!

The success of remote work is measured by the efforts of both the worker and the company. To be successful, there has to be a level of trust, respect, and collaboration.

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Now that the worst of COVID-19 has passed, many CEOs have begun to request that workers head back to the office. In fact, some companies have completely abandoned remote and hybrid work models in exchange for traditional work schedules in physical office locations.

According to the most recent Resume Builder poll, “9 in 10 companies with office space will have returned to office by 2024.” Of course, the return-to-office (RTO) policies has become a huge topic of conversation as many workers have chosen to advocate for the freedom and flexibility to work remotely from the comfort of their own homes or chosen workspace.

“The freedom and flexibility of working from home empowers employees to tailor their work schedules to better align with personal commitments and preferences,” Dr. Marla J. Albertie, founder of Truth Speak Group, LLC and a certified professional career coach, tells BrownStyle Magazine exclusively. “This autonomy reduces the stress associated with rigid office hours, allowing individuals to create a harmonious integration of work and personal life.”

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Although some studies have shown that workers feel more productive and successful when they are in the office, Dr. Albertie believes that remote work is the way of the future. If companies want to keep up, she highly suggests cultivating a positive and productive remote work culture by prioritizing clear communication channels, encouraging regular virtual collaboration, and investing in technologies that facilitate seamless remote interactions.

“Establishing trust through transparent expectations and providing support for employees’ well-being further contributes to a thriving remote work environment,” she explains. “Recognizing individual and team achievements also plays a crucial role in fostering a positive and productive remote work culture.”

While remote work comes with its challenges, Dr. Albertie reminds us that to make it beneficial for both companies and employees, there needs to be guidelines and harmony. Below, find out her helpful suggestions for making the remote work relationship a success.

Embrace Employee Independence

Employee independence plays a crucial role in the success of remote work. To effectively manage employee/workplace autonomy, companies should establish clear expectations, provide guidelines, and trust employees to manage their schedules and tasks. 

“Encouraging open communication, recognizing achievements, and offering support when needed can further enhance the positive impact of independence on remote work success,” Dr. Albertie advises. “Encouraging job crafting activities allows employees to craft their jobs task-wise, relationally and cognitively.”

Foster A Space For Remote Work-Life Balance

Dr. Albertie highly recommends that employees maintain a healthy lifestyle while working remotely by establishing a structured daily routine in a designated workspace that includes regular breaks, physical activity, and healthy meals. “I love working from my office at home, I have decorated it to be a haven for myself,” she shares. 

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Maintain And Build Company Relationships

To maintain a sense of connection and engagement with staff while working remotely, companies and employees are encouraged to schedule regular virtual meetings for both work-related discussions and informal conversations. 

“Utilizing collaboration tools and participating in virtual team-building activities also fosters a sense of camaraderie,” Dr. Albertie shares. “I encourage collaborating on projects, creating virtual social groups, or initiating discussions about shared interests to further enhance relationships and engagement with coworkers.”

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Avoid The Challenges Of Remote Working

Businesses may encounter difficulties in preserving teamwork, ensuring efficient communication, and resolving possible feelings of isolation among workers when introducing a hybrid or remote work model. 

To prevent this, Dr. Albertie says it’s all about creating a culture that values both personal and professional growth. She explains, “To avoid any difficulties, companies should provide training on remote work best practices. Leaders should also create inclusive policies that can help address challenges and ensure a successful transition to hybrid or remote work.”

Overall, the success of remote work will be measured by the efforts of both the worker and the company. The goal of both parties should be growth. To be successful in achieving this goal, there has to be a level of trust, respect, and collaboration.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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