Stylish & Affordable Amazon Essentials To Help Curate A Capsule Collection You Love!

See the basic essentials that I highly recommend adding to your closet. 

Affordable Amazon Essentials To Help Curate A Capsule Collection You Love!
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva
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As a professional woman living in New York City, I’ve experienced the challenge of curating a capsule wardrobe without spending a fortune. Living in an expensive city can seem impossible, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. It’s all about knowing where to shop and finding deals that suit your budget. Enter Amazon!

For those who may not know, boasts a plethora of essentials that can serve as building blocks to create a capsule wardrobe tailored to your unique style. And if you are an Amazon Prime Girly like me— or at least one that uses my sister’s account— you can get exclusive discounts on select items and expedited two-day shipping. 

Below, see some of the affordable staples that I highly recommend you add to your closet and drawers. Happy shopping!


A staple wardrobe starts with the basics—undergarments! I prefer seamless underwear for its versatility. These hipsters from Amazon are a great choice if you value comfort and hate seeing panty lines when rocking your favorite workout leggings. 

Little Black Dress

Everyone needs a classic little black dress in their wardrobe, especially one that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This one is versatile, and it goes perfectly with heels, boots, and even casual sneakers. 

Button Down Top

As a corporate girly, this is one of my essentials! I love that they are only $26, which means I can buy a new one anytime my washing machine isn’t doing its job in keeping it bright white. I love to wear these under sweaters for a more chic look. I also like to pair them with my trousers for an office chic look. It’s a 5-star purchase for me!


I bought these in a basic black for everyday wear, and they have been SO worth it! These trousers can be styled for the office, a date, and anything in between. They’re versatile, comfy, great quality, and come in so many color options. It’s also worth noting they have Amazon’s 2-day Prime shipping.

Basic Crop Tops

The building block of any great outfit is a nice basic top that can be layered and accessorized. These are it! Available in multiple color options, these tops are perfect for workouts, date nights, and more. I have one in black, beige, and grey. And let me tell you that ribbed fabric is not comfy, but super flatter— especially if you have a shorter torso like myself.

Classic Black Leggings

A solid pair of leggings never goes out of style. If you are looking for versatility, this is an absolute closet staple. I love that each pair is under $10!

Fanny Pack

Okay, hear me out. I know fanny packs get a bad rap since they were initially used by dads in theme parks, but they had the right idea! These are SO cute and durable. It was a huge lifesaver on my recent trip to India with all the docs we constantly needed to pull out. It also had plenty of space for my wallet, keys, lip gloss, Advil, and all my travel essentials. 


At this price, these are a NEED! Depending on your accessories preference, these belts are great with all outfits. Coming in three essential colors— including black, beige, and brown— they complement my styling needs perfectly.

Lounge Set

The best part of the day is knowing when to hang up the jeans and change into something more comfy, like lounge sets! These make me feel so put together even when I’m feeling lazy and want a relaxing vibe. The best part is it can be worn as either a set or worn separately. It’s like buying multiple outfits in one. #girlmath

A graduate of Rutgers University, Devika Bhandari is a public relations professional based in Jersey City, NJ. She’s a Jersey girl through and through, who enjoys her caramel iced coffee, you can typically find her trying out new recipes, or convincing herself to attend a workout class.