Why Children With Developing Curls & Coils Deserve Better Haircare Products

Proudly aims to revolutionize children’s haircare with a collection created to nourish their developing curls, coils, and waves.

PROUDLY Hair Care Collection
Photo courtesy of PROUDLY | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

Wash day should be an enjoyable experience for your little ones. As Women Of Color (WOC), it has always represented a special time of the week to detach from outside distractions and prioritize self-care. Naturally, our communities have passed on the self-care ritual from generation to generation in hopes of teaching our youth the importance of self-love and caring for our natural hair.

A big part of wash day—usually on a #SelfCareSunday—is finding products that not only care for our beautiful tresses but also keep our scalp happy. 

Although the haircare industry has experienced a rise in representation and inclusivity in recent years, there remains a gap in products, especially for Black and Brown children with developing textured hair. 

For example, why are baby aisles in mass retailers filled with so many 2-in-1 and all-in-one options like Body Wash + Shampoo or Shampoo + Conditioner? One would think our little ones deserve a formula specially designed for their growing tresses.

Enter PROUDLY, a brand committed to revolutionizing the world of children’s hair care. 

PROUDLY Hair Care Collection
Photo courtesy of PROUDLY

The company founded by Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union-Wade hopes to do so by challenging the current 2-in-1 and all-in-one products on the market that assume what works on a baby’s body will work on their hair.

The product development team at Proudly tells BrownStyle Magazine that babies with developing textured hair need more than an all-in-one product. “Their curls are delicate, and their pattern is still forming,” they share, noting the Wades’ decision to create a collection of hair care products designed specifically for children with curly, coily, and wavy tresses.

Inspired by the Wades’ youngest child Kaavia James, Proudly is a new line of haircare products that includes shampoo, two conditioners, and a detangling solution that locks in moisture. 

The product team completed several levels of research to ensure that the collection met the needs of children under five who have developing curls and coils. During the research, the company also learned what parents and caregivers were looking for in haircare products for their little ones. 

“We worked with consumers to formulate products and test with them at every step,” they explain, adding all products in the haircare line are Kaavia-tested and approved. “All-in-one or 2-in-1 products are too drying for textured baby hair that requires nutrient-rich, hydrating ingredients, and a routine that supports moisture retention. Evolving baby hair needs the right amount of moisture to nurture and promote a healthy scalp, as well as encourage the growth of coils, curls, and waves.”

Every product from the collection features gentle-for-baby, nutrient-rich ingredients that define curls, improve manageability, and nourish the scalp to help promote hair growth. The brand even formulated all the PROUDLY hair care products to be tear-free. 

“There is a reality to wash day—it’s a beautiful routine for caregivers and children—however, sometimes it comes with tears. Our products are designed to be tear-free and bring joy and ease to wash day,” they conclude. 

Out of necessity comes inventions and we are happy to see improvements being made to the hair care industry for babies and toddlers. To shop the collection, visit PROUDLY’s website.

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