I Went To Brooklyn To Discover The Black-Founded Clean Beauty Brands Sold At Credo Beauty!

Since attending the event, I've become more conscious of the products I use on a daily.

Credo Beauty’s ‘Celebrate Black-Founded Clean Beauty’ Event
Photos by Nerissa Peralta

The “clean beauty” movement continues to rise in popularity as more people become conscious of the ingredients listed in their favorite beauty and skincare products.

Curious to learn more about the movement, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to attend Credo Beauty’s ‘Celebrate Black-Founded Clean Beauty’ event on February 2 to learn more about the brands that are vowing against using controversial ingredients like talc and parabens in their products.

I took the drive over to Credo Beauty, located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. When I arrived, I was almost immediately greeted by Multimedia Marketing Specialist Monifā Coffee, an experienced editor and event curator who recently launched GEN•RE as a way to celebrate Black filmmakers.

During my visit to the clean beauty retailer, Coffee took her time to thoroughly describe the chemical-free brands that were being featured during the event. Below, check out some of the Black-founded beauty products highlighted during my visit to Credo Beauty.

Sienna Naturals

Photo by Nerissa Peralta

Credo Beauty’s event included a braid bar, where hairstylist Agnes “Aggie” Anui showed off her skills using Sienna Naturals’ products.

Sienna Naturals is a clean hair care line created by Hannah Diop and Issa Rae to specialize in textured hair and scalp health. I suggest grabbing their Wash Day Sampler for a chance to try out their shampoo, leave-in conditioner, hair mask, and detangling cream.


Photo by Nerissa Peralta

At the event, Credo Beauty also offered mini facials using beauty products from Klur.

Klur is a Black-founded beauty company that is perfect for all people and all skin types. I got to sample their Immersion Serum Concentrate and Supreme Seed Purification Mask, which left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth!


Photo by Nerissa Peralta

I am 100% a fragrance lover so I fell in love with Moodeaux’s Worthy IntenScenual Eau De Parfum. With smooth citrus, floral, and woodsy notes this bottle easily became my favorite scent of the day!

What I Learned From My Experience

Since attending the event, I’ve become more conscious of the products I use. I’ve started paying close attention to ingredients and searching for more natural options. By looking for natural, organic, and naturally derived products, I find myself feeling more comfortable with the items I use on a daily.

Although it may be pricey to find brands that fit your moral standards, it is worth it. These Black-owned and Black-founded businesses not only bring money back to our community, but they highlight the healthier ways to achieve the appearance that we desire.

It is important that people, especially WOC, become more aware of the products that they are using every day. By turning to more natural alternatives, you can reduce the risk of illnesses and harmful chemicals that don’t do our bodies any good.

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