Your Ultimate Guide To ‘Coffee-Inspired Fashion’

Brew up some major style points with these trendy pieces that inspire warm and cozy vibes.

Coffee-Inspired Fashion Aesthetics

Coffee-inspired fashion has become increasingly popular in recent months. From the cozy allure of Vanilla Chai and Pumpkin Spice to the warmth of Matcha Latte and Black Coffee, this winter’s color palette has been an entire vibe. 

As soon as the colder weather hit, women from different walks of life took to social media with rich hues of everyone’s favorite brews. Now that the season is starting to change, there are some solid hints that the warm and cozy aesthetic will be the perfect way to transition into the Spring.

It’s honestly not a huge surprise, as the rise of coffee-inspired looks began to captivate the fashion scene a few years ago. According to Emily Ziegler, the Vice President of Merchandising at Petal & Pup, coffee-inspired fashion has been known to mirror the comfort and joy associated with drinking a hot cup of joe.

Dana Towsey, the Product Development Coordinator at Petal & Pup, agrees before adding, “The style is both fun and relatable!” 

Interested in getting your coffee-inspired style brewing? Keep scrolling to see our ultimate guide to coffee-inspired fashion. Plus, learn what defines each aesthetic.

Vanilla Chai

When it comes to the “Vanilla Chai” aesthetic, Zeigler describes the look as soft, creamy, and delicate. To achieve the look, she highly suggests leaning towards neutral tones and cozy textures like knits and faux fur. To add contrast to the look, Towsey highly suggests mixing and matching with darker colors to give your attire some extra pizzazz.

Pumpkin Spice

Zeigler says that the characteristics of the “Pumpkin Spice” aesthetic are both warm and vibrant. The shades categorized in this aesthetic are orange, cinnamon, and deep browns.

Towsey believes that these essential neutrals are a must-have for any wardrobe. “They are classic, flattering, and pair with anything,” she notes.

Matcha Latte

Ziegler explains that the “Matcha Latte” look is fresh and serene, drawing inspiration from green tea hues and other earthy tones to help embody a sense of calmness. She anticipates that these colors will continue to flourish as Spring approaches.

Towsey adds that although the Matcha Latte aesthetic may not be for everyone, it can be the perfect way to add color to a transitioning wardrobe.

Black Coffee

Much like the name suggests, Ziegler says the “Black Coffee” aesthetic is centered around deep browns and dark neutrals. She notes that the trend is both classic and sophisticated, making it a versatile aesthetic for those who are looking to exude elegance and versatility. 

Making The Look Your Own

Wondering how to step outside of the box to make these aesthetics your own? Both Ziegler and Towsey agree that the neutral color palette are so versatile that it allows for easy styling and personal expression.

To give your own personal twist on coffee-inspired fashion, the pair suggest combining colors and textures that complement each other. For example, try pairing a Vanilla Chai sweater with Matcha Latte-inspired jewelry. “The range of earth-toned colors lends itself to different combinations,” Ziegler shares. 

Simply put, anyone can pull off a head-to-toe coffee-inspired look! It’s all about adding your personal twist.

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