Trinity Freeman Surprised Her Mom With A Giant NYC Billboard—Here’s Why!

When TeNita Freeman saw her images on a Times Square billboard, she was instantly overcome with emotion.

TeNita and Trinity Freeman
Photos courtesy of TeNita and Trinity Freeman

Trinity Freeman has always had a loving relationship with her mom TeNita Freeman, but over the years, their friendship has only gotten stronger. 

“Since I graduated high school, my mom has become my best friend,” the sophomore student studying law at The University of Memphis tells BrownStyle Magazine in an exclusive interview. “I’ve become more comfortable with telling her things and getting her advice. I love that she knows when to take off her mom hat and put on her mentor hat. She doesn’t judge me. Instead, she gives me straight-up answers to help me.”

In hopes of showing love and gratitude for everything her mom has ever done for her, Trinity partnered with her brother and grandmom to surprise TeNita with a giant billboard in Times Square during their first trip to New York City. 

Check out the heartwarming reveal below!


She looked soooo goregous up there😍I will forever do anything for my queen until my last breath‼️I love you sooo much mommy and again HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY🥰❤️ #fypシ #blackmomsoftiktok #newyorkcity #timesquare #nycbillboard #iloveyoumom

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“My motto for her birthday this year was ‘go big or go home,’” Trinity shares with us about the birthday gift that’s gone viral on social media. “My mom has always been the person to go big on gifts for our birthdays! She does soooo much for my brother and I, and I can’t thank her enough. My mom deserves the world and I’ve always said that if I could, I would.” 

TeNita— who is an educator, mentor, ministry leader, and community advocate in Memphis— describes her relationship with her daughter as “incredible.” According to the proud mom and Delta, her daughter is not only her best friend but her biggest cheerleader and confidant. 

“Trinity is strong, smart, compassionate, honest, and resilient. When I’m having a bad day, she’s the calm to the storm. When I’m having a great day, Trinity celebrates and encourages me to dig deeper because there’s so much more in me. My 19-year-old daughter is like my therapist,” TaNita explains.

The Backstory

According to TeNita— who volunteers with several community organizations such as Young Actors Guild Performing Arts Academy, Memphis Juneteenth, and St. Jude Walk/Run— she wasn’t initially happy about taking a photo in the rain after her birthday dinner. However, she decided to go with the flow.

“The wind was blowing and the rain was becoming more aggressive,” TeNita recalls about the moments before the big reveal. “Trinity was adamant about me returning outside because she said we had tickets to a show, and she knows how I am when it comes to wasting money. Trinity asked me to face her to take a picture, and I was rolling my eyes, like really, in the rain? She then asked me to turn around and all I could do was scream as tears rolled down my face.”

The moment TeNita saw herself on a billboard in the middle of Times Square, she was instantly overcome with emotion. 

TeNita and Trinity Freeman
Photo courtesy of TeNita and Trinity Freeman

Trinity already knew her mom would cry from the kind gesture, but she had no idea that the surprise would leave her mom speechless. “I kind of already knew she was going to cry because she is a cute little crybaby (laughs), but I did not expect her to be so shocked. Her surprise was a surprise to me. It even made me cry,” she shares about the emotional moment.

When Trinity posted the now-viral video, she also had clue that it would garner over 3.8 million views on TikTok.

“I expected it to get about 300 likes, but I did not expect it to go viral,” Trinity tells us. “I’ve always wanted to go viral on TikTok and it’s very true when people say things happen when you least expect it. I’m so grateful it’s getting all this attention!”

Most importantly, the thoughtful gift still has a lasting impression on TeNita, who says this is the most elaborate gift she’s ever received. 

“To be thought of on THIS scale is truly unbelievable,” TeNita shares with enthusiasm. “I really can’t explain how it feels because I’m usually the one always making sure everyone has a smile on their faces.”

She contines, “My children and I have a very close bond. For the past 16 years, as a single mother, it has been my goal to be an example of hard work, consistency, and balance for my children. I teach them to treat others how they want to be treated and celebrate their loved ones the way they would want to be celebrated. As a single woman, you dream of things like this from your mate/spouse; but it came from MY daughter, son, and mother.”

For those inspired by her elaborate birthday gesture, the proud daughter offers this simple advice: “Do it out of love! When you give a gift out of love, it is the best gift.”

Trinity lets us know that she’s currently in the planning phase for her mom’s next birthday gift. “All I can say is just wait for another viral video this time next year,” she teases.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.  

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