Meet The Founders Of RedDrop—A Safe And Discreet Period Brand For Tweens!

Dana Roberts and Dr. Monica Williams are changing the narrative surrounding periods.  

Dana Roberts and Dr. Monica Williams, founders RedDrop 
Photo courtesy of RedDrop

Dana Roberts was inspired to launch RedDrop with her co-founder Dr. Monica Williams after noticing a significant gap in the market for period products designed with tweens in mind. 

“Almost every woman that you ask can remember and describe their first period. It is a core memory and one that isn’t always positive,” Roberts explains, noting the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty that comes with puberty in general. “RedDrop was created to make this experience easier or even more joyful for the tween and her mom/caregiver.”

Photo courtesy of RedDrop

As a professional educator, the 5th-grade teacher had an up-close look at how scared and unprepared her students felt when they started their period during school hours. In hopes of making the experience less stressful for her students, Roberts tapped into her motherly instincts and began creating special bags for her students filled with everything they needed to navigate this important time in their lives. 

“Almost 20 years ago, I created the First Purse for my students,” Roberts reveals, before noting its new name Code Red Kit.

Photo courtesy of RedDrop

Eager to help other tweens outside of her classroom, the busy mom-of-two reached out to family friend and medical doctor Dr. Monica Williams to take the project to the next level. “Together we ideated the concept of a new brand of feminine hygiene that would focus specifically on school-aged girls and the first-period experience,” Roberts shares with enthusiasm.  

Motivated to empower tweens navigating puberty, the dynamic duo created a brand that features a wide range of affordable sanitary pads, period underwear, hygiene wipes, and period kits created specifically with their health and growing bodies in mind. It’s worth noting that each product was designed without harmful ingredients.

RedDrop also provides customers with engaging and age-appropriate educational resources to ensure tweens and their parents have a positive attitude towards periods.

“There is an unspoken sisterhood amongst women around the puberty and period experience. Our organization leans on providing support and changing the narrative of what that experience should feel and look like,” Roberts adds. “We pray that tweens and caretakers feel the intentionality of our support.”

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Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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