Easy Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Home This Spring

Here are my expert tips for transforming your space into a joyful reflection of the season!

How To Refresh Your Home For Spring
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‘Soulful Spaces With Erica Dike’ is BrownStyle Magazine’s new lifestyle column designed to help you transform your space into a space that feeds your soul.

If you haven’t noticed, the warmth of Spring is gently nudging us towards fresh beginnings, and as an interior design expert, I encourage you to embrace it with open arms. 

As nature blooms outside, why not invite that revitalizing energy into your space with a refresh to your cozy home? It’s time to shed the winter blues and create a space that leaves your soul feeling as vibrant and carefree as a breezy meadow. Hello, soft living!

Need some advice to breathe new life into your home? Take a look at my tips for transforming your space into a joyful reflection of the season!

Embrace The Sunlight

Spring is the time to shed extra layers! Throw open the curtains, open the window, and let the sunshine flood your space in its warm glow. 

Swap out heavy throws and dark drapes for light and airy hues. Think pastels and colors that make you feel dainty — i.e. princess vibes. These quick changes will instantly add a spring to your step!

Bring Nature Into Your Space

Invite nature to be your guide! While enjoying the fresh and delightful breeze in the air, decorate your home with potted plants that speak to your soul. If you love flowers, consider adding a pop of color into your home with fresh tulips and daffodils.

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Refresh Your Color Palette With Vibrant Hues

Just like nature bursts forth in vibrant hues, your home can too! Update your color scheme with spring-inspired accents that bring you joy. 

Dive into a world of soft greens, cheery yellows, and dreamy lavender to infuse your home with a sprinkle of freshness. Don’t be afraid to experiment with paint, throw pillows, or even floral wallpaper to create a breezy vibe with your decor.

Declutter And Rejuvenate Your Home

Spring cleaning isn’t just a chore; it’s a chance to declutter and revitalize your space. It’s also a golden opportunity to “Marie Kondo” your home! 

Toss out the old, and make room for the new! Start decluttering by discarding anything that no longer serves you and watch your abode transform into a Zen paradise. By cleaning your space, you can create a sense of space both physically and mentally.

Embrace The Spirit of Joy

Spring is a time of celebration and lightheartedness. Sprinkle fun all around your place to keep those good vibes flowing. 

String fairy lights across a wall, hang whimsical artwork or display a collection of colorful seashells collected from a past adventure. These little details make your spot uniquely you and remind you of what brings you happiness.

Remember, creating a soulful space is all about creating one-of-a-kind vibes!

Erica Dike is the Principal Interior Designer of Erica of Ooh Designs based in Houston, TX. Formerly decoding data at NASA as a Business Analyst and Systems Engineer, Erica now transforms spaces with a gravitational pull toward fabulousness. Her boutique firm is where data-driven design takes short-term rentals and homes to astronomical levels of chic!