How I Find Bliss: Real Women On Defining Their Happiness!

Find out what brings our BrownStyle Beauties joy and happiness.

Real Women Share What Brings Them Bliss
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In the spirit of conversation and inspiration, we recently asked our BrownStyle Beauties from various walks of life to share something simple that brings them bliss. We were enlightened to discover that despite external pressures, most women find happiness in moments of self-care, wellness, and relaxation.

Below, find out what brings our BrownStyle Beauties bliss! Hopefully, this inspires you to do some introspective thinking and allows you to define happiness on your terms. 

Living In The Moment

“I find bliss in quiet time. It may not sound glamorous, but something about having peace brings me joy and helps me rejuvenate. When I have some alone time, I light a candle, sip some tea, and just live in the moment.”

– Tweety Elitou, Editor-in-Chief of BrownStyle Magazine

Exploration Through Storytelling

“I love reading a good book. It is pure bliss to get lost in a beautiful and intriguing story. Just light a candle and get lost in another world.”

Chandra Gore, Publicist and Business Consultant

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Getting A Pedicure

“I find great bliss in getting extra long pedicures. There is something about the bubble of a nail salon, that lets you choose your adventure. You can get work done, catch up with a girlfriend, be thoroughly entertained listening and people watching, or my favorite, get completely lost in the pampering of it all (massages, scrubs, masks, aroma therapy, paraffin – the whole nine). When you emerge from this self-affirming anthropological bubble of bliss, no matter what the world throws at you, you can always look down to your dazzlingly sparkly toes, and if only for a fleeting moment reconnect to your bliss.”

Sade Lythcott, Chief Executive Officer of the National Black Theatre

Unplugging From Negativity

“Unplugging from ‘T.O.T.E.S’ (Toxic, Overwhelming, Temperamental, Extra Stressful) individuals or things is what brings me bliss! Prioritizing my own needs before all else, helps me determine when I’m being charged or drained. I enjoy indulging in massage treatments, alone time at the movies, or a long drive down the 405 listening to my favorite 90s R&B hits.” 

– Kassha Brown, Publicist

Achieving My Goals

“There are many things in my life that make me happy like spending time with my family, watching horror movies, and eating delicious food. However, making my dreams come true is something I’ve done for myself recently that’s brought me bliss! 

I’m an artist and an overthinker—what a combination! As an overthinker, my mind is always racing, filled with ideas that are just waiting to come to life. For a while, I was thinking more than I was doing, and this only made me unhappy and dissatisfied with myself. My apprehension stemmed from internalizing other people’s opinions on my journey and my talent. I allowed others to project their doubts onto me. Thankfully, through long talks with my mom, prayer, and time, I released those internalized fears and decided to bet on myself. 

Taking risks and bringing my ideas to fruition, seeing those ideas be appreciated and praised, brings me bliss.”

Da’Raja Superstar, Recording Artist/Model/Actress/Influencer 

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Getting A Massage

“Going to get a one-hour reflexology massage and foot detox gives me such bliss. After several Cervical Cancer scares, this massage and prayer kept benign results coming in from my Cervical biopsies. It allows me to stay on top of my health and releases stress.”

Francis Perdue, Founder of Scooter P Entertainment & Owner of Perdue Inc.

Prioritizing My Peace

“The one thing that brings me so much bliss that I’ve learned to incorporate into my life is that I matter FIRST. It’s not a selfish thing. It’s a divine right thing. When I’m taken care of, everything and everyone else can be too.”

Denise Damijo, Integrative Wellness Coach & Shamanic Healer 

Tapping Into My Roots

“Sometimes, just the aroma of Jamaican spices wafting from my father’s kitchen is all it takes to lift my spirits. It’s a simple joy, but it connects me to my Jamaican roots and fills me with a sense of belonging that is hard to find in this complex world.”

Ika Washington, CEO/Principal Consultant of DiversityTalk

Slowing Down And Enjoying The Little Things

“Every morning before I get out of bed, I take 5-10 mins and just listen to the birds outside. It’s a simple yet powerful action that pulls me into the present moment and activates my senses in a grounding way.”

Mariette Clardy-Davis, M.L. Clardy LLC.

Living In The Present

“Every day, I make it a non-negotiable to find a few moments just for myself. Perhaps first thing in the morning or whilst getting ready, I take a few conscious breaths and fully feel into my body. It might sound simple, but it’s utterly blissful. In those moments, I didn’t have any roles or responsibilities, I didn’t belong to anyone, and I didn’t have any projections on me from others or society.

I’m just me, as I am. It’s a moment of genuine love and respect for myself every morning, reminding me that I’m here, I’m present, and I’m alive. It’s become my secret sauce to managing the busyness of daily life with a calmer heart.”

Nakita Devi, Breathwork Practitioner

Finding Happiness

“What brings me bliss is having experiences that allow me to gain a better understanding of who I am at the core; my most authentic self. Sitting with common-minded friends and community and laughing together. Being in a deep meditative relaxed state where I am in the present moment finding happiness in the small details.”

Pooja Mehta, Founder of Makiaj

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.