The Ultimate Skincare Guide: How To Keep Your Skin Naturally Glowing

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The Ultimate Skincare Guide: How To Keep Your Skin Naturally Glowing
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Similar to how nature sheds its leaves during the beautiful Fall season, our skin begins to lose its glow if it doesn’t receive extra TLC to combat the drier seasons. During this cooler season, our skin faces specific challenges, which include dryness and sensitivity.

“Each season brings unique environmental factors that can influence skin health,” says Dr. Dusan Sajic, a highly accomplished board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist. “Helping your skin cope with these changes can help it stay healthy, radiant, and minimize blemishes.”

According to Dr. Sajic, it’s essential to transition our skincare routine in the Fall to maintain our natural glow. He notes, “Cooler temperatures and decreased humidity can lead to increased dryness and sensitivity. As the skin adjusts to the season, the skin can experience challenges like uneven skin tone, exacerbated hyperpigmentation, and increased breakouts.”

Below, check out our ultimate skincare guide to keep your skin naturally glowing throughout the Fall and Winter seasons.

Basic Fall & Winter Skincare Routine

Dr. Sajic recommends trying a gentle cleanser, followed by a vitamin C serum in the morning to brighten up your skin. In the evening, consider a hydrating serum, followed by a rich moisturizer and retinol product. “Start retinol slowly, at least once a week, to help avoid retinol irritation,” he advises. “Any irritation and redness can lead to an increased risk of pigmentation.”

Feeding Your Skin

Certain nutrients and adaptogens like niacinamidehydroxytyrosolquercetin, and amino peptides (copper tripeptide, tetrapeptide 21) stimulate your skin’s adaptive responses and makes it more resilient to stress. 

“Ingredients like ceramides help in reinforcing the skin barrier and help your skin hold onto moisture better,” says Dr. Sajic. “Hyaluronic acid ensures the skin remains hydrated, while ingredients like quercetin, gotu kola, and hydroxytyrosol have Senolytic activities, which are vital for eliminating damaged skin that can contribute to dry, flaky, and irregular pigmented skin.”

Finally, if you’re noticing uneven pigmentation, consider ingredients like arbutin, vitamin C, kojic acid, niacinamide, and tranexamic acid.

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Exfoliate To Rejuvenate

Exfoliation promotes the removal of dead skin cells, paving the way for rejuvenated and glowing skin. “In the Fall, WOC should approach exfoliation with caution,” says Dr. Sajic. “Opt for gentle, chemical exfoliants rather than abrasive scrubs to prevent any potential skin irritation.”

Year-Round Sun Protection

A common misconception is that sun protection is only for Summer. Regardless of the season, sun protection remains crucial, especially for preventing hyperpigmentation and premature aging.

“Sun protection is paramount year-round, even indoors,” Dr. Sajic reminds us. “UVA rays can penetrate windows, potentially exacerbating issues like hyperpigmentation.” 

In addition, he mentions that even indoor non-ultraviolet lights can contribute to skin disease. To help combat skin disease, Dr. Sajic suggests looking for sunscreens with iron oxide. 

Eat And Drink Well For Beautiful Skin

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As the holidays approach, Dr. Sajic reminds us to have fun but also be mindful of the foods and drinks we consume. “Drink alcohol in moderation and be sure to stay hydrated by drinking ample water to help maintain healthy skin,” he advises.

He also suggests maintaining a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids to counteract any holiday indulgences. 

Listen To Your Skin

It’s essential to listen to your skin. Seek out products that are designed to target the seven elements of skin health, providing a tailored approach for each skin type. “If you have oily skin, opt for lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizers,” the doctor recommends. “Dry skin will benefit from richer creams, while sensitive skin types should seek out fragrance-free and hypoallergenic products.”  

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Pay Attention To The Ingredients

WOC with a history of skin conditions like eczema or rosacea should approach products with caution during the Fall and Winter season. 

It is important to avoid products with high alcohol content, fragrances, or aggressive exfoliants. “Instead, opt for soothing and barrier-reinforcing ingredients like ceramides,” Dr. Sajic advises.

Be sure to speak with your doctor and get advice before changing your skin routine.

Don’t Stress, Stay Blessed

According to Dr. Sajic, stress can worsen skin concerns like acne, rosacea, and eczema. Engaging in relaxation techniques like meditation and ensuring adequate sleep can support glowing skin.

So, say goodbye to the post-Summer skincare blues and embark on a journey toward a luminous, radiant complexion this Fall!

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