How I Navigate Social Gatherings As A ‘Sober Conscious’ Professional

My sobriety has never stopped me from savoring the rich experiences of happy hour and dinner parties.

'Sober Conscious' lifestyle- Woman with gold accessories drinking non-alcoholic beverage
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It’s Sober October. Every October, countless people from around the world challenge themselves to a month of sobriety. The goal? To reset their minds and bodies. 

During their month-long commitment to abstaining from alcohol, many people reported becoming inspired to make a lifestyle change after experiencing physical and mental benefits, which include fitness improvements and clear thinking. Others noted that they’ve discovered a whole new world of surprisingly delicious non-alcoholic beverages that exist on the market.

Discovering The Non-Alcoholic World

My “sober conscious” lifestyle has never stopped me from savoring the rich experiences of happy hour, dinner parties, and leisurely Sunday charcuterie boards with friends.

As a professional woman who has never had a drink a day in her life, I can confidently say that it is possible to enjoy social gatherings without alcohol. I find it especially doable if you have people around you who support your “sober conscious” lifestyle. It also helps to find non-alcoholic options that you actually love.

I’ve personally embraced the world of sophisticated non-alcoholic options, like those offered by Proxies. The brand’s Apéro, Passion Brut, Blanc Slate, and Red Ember wines are exquisite alternatives that’s allowed me to fully engage in socializing without worrying about the consequences of a hangover the next day.

Proxies's Apéro, Passion Brut, Blanc Slate, and Red Ember wines
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Happy Hours And Dinner Parties Aren’t Cancelled

Much like anyone else, I like to pour myself a glass of “wine” after work to unwind. I even enjoy hosting happy hours and small dinner parties, with non-alcoholic drinks that prove to be just as refreshing and relaxing as traditional spirits.

And in case you were wondering, the absence of alcohol from the festivities never diminishes the fun. Instead, I’m able to fully cherish the moment as I raise a toast with my close friends and family. It also inspires conversations about the surprisingly satisfying world of non-alcoholic alternatives.

At my dinner parties, I proudly present bottles of my latest non-alcoholic discoveries. Recently, I’ve gotten rave reviews about Proxies’ Blanc Slate and Red Ember wines, which I am told beautifully complemented my Fall-themed menus. In my opinion, savoring a drink from a fancy glass while catching up with your besties will be a forever mood!

And then there are laid-back Sundays, where charcuterie boards and light-hearted banter take center stage. Proxies’ Passion Brut adds an air of sophistication to these impromptu gatherings, making every bite of cheese and every sip of this sparkling delight a moment to cherish.

Embracing A Non-Alcoholic Lifestyle

Sober October is not just a month for me, it’s a lifestyle. With an array of exquisite non-alcoholic options at my disposal, I can confidently say that abstaining from alcohol doesn’t mean missing out on the joys of life. In fact, it’s an invitation to savor the moments that matter.

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