I Visited Áwet New York—And It Was An Opulent Display Of BIPOC Luxury Designers!

The new multi-brand shopping destination features a wide range of luxe products including fashion and home decor!

Corey Wesley Visits Áwet New York
Photo by Corey Wesley and store photos courtesy of Áwet New York | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

As I settled into my rideshare and drove through the lively streets of Harlem towards Soho, a sense of anticipation welled up within me. My destination? Áwet New York— a high-end store that recently opened on 57 Bond Street.

Áwet New York opened its first flagship store in September 2023, and it has already created quite a buzz among the NYC elite. Before I arrived, I heard conversations that the store was created to be a luxe location that combined fashion, art, design, community, and opulence. Naturally as an arts and culture enthusiast, I was intrigued.

Corey Wesley Visits Áwet New York
Photo by Corey Wesley and store photo courtesy of Áwet New York | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

When I walked inside, I was greeted with never-seen-before luxury designer furniture and art that is akin to gallery-worthy installations. I was enlightened to know that the new multi-brand shopping destination features a roster of ever-evolving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) luxury designers.

Conversing with Áwet Woldegebriel, he emphasized the importance of supporting BIPOC designers and the positive impact Áwet New York had on the local community.

“Áwet is not just a store, it was a platform for underrepresented voices in the fashion and design industry,” the Founder and Creative Director of Áwet New York shared with BrownStyle Magazine. “It embodies the convergence of opulence and inclusivity, creating a space where creativity and diversity thrive.”

Áwet Woldegebriel, Founder and Creative Director of Áwet New York
Photo courtesy of Áwet New York | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

Áwet’s exterior immediately caught my eye, a striking embodiment of contemporary design seamlessly blending with the allure of luxury living. The building’s clean, open lines resonated with the opulent aesthetics reminiscent of the former Kardashian-West home—an ambiance where high fashion married sophisticated elegance. Simply put, it felt like a portal to a world where tangible luxury and cleanliness harmoniously coexisted.

The space was expansive, offering ample room to explore each meticulously curated section. Contrasting textures, from smooth marble floors to plush velvet seating, further enhanced the sensory experience. As I navigated the store, it felt as if I were strolling through a magnificent art gallery.

Inside Áwet New York
Photos courtesy of Áwet New York | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

My attention was immediately drawn to the carefully curated display of designer creations. The offerings spanned from exquisite furniture to dazzling accessories and captivating art pieces. Each item exuded class, narrating its own story of grandeur and extravagance. 

The store featured furniture and accessories from BIPOC designers, transforming functionality into artistry. Sculptural pieces adorned the space, elevating any room. From intricately carved wooden chairs to sleek, modern tables, each item bore the mark of talent and creativity.

Áwet’s clothing selection held me in rapt fascination. The richness of the textiles and fabrics on display was a visual feast. Each piece exuded luxury, an inviting touch, and exploration. It was a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication infused into every creation. The accessories were equally impressive, with swanky jewelry, handbags, and outerwear that exuded sophistication.

Inside Áwet New York
Photos courtesy of Áwet New York | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

FYI: Áwet New York isn’t for the faint of heart with hoodies starting at $160. You won’t be spending hundreds, but thousands of dollars for items that epitomize opulence. Yet, within this realm of extravagance, Áwet maintained an inviting aura of understated chic. 

Áwet New York Cookie
Photo by Corey Wesley

One highlight of my visit was Áwet’s matcha bar, which provided an all-encompassing experience. Unable to resist, I indulged in one of the cookies on offer, and it was nothing short of divine. This decadent treat encapsulated the essence of Áwet— a seamless blend of luxury and indulgence.

My visit was an opulent odyssey, leaving a profound impression and affirming that in Soho’s heart, dreams of grandeur were attainable for those who embraced the life of luxury.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.


Corey 'Rex Wes' Wesley is Harlem's branding guru, dating savant, and rising music star. The multifaceted powerhouse prides himself in defining Harlem's modern era.