Jazlyn Martin: Exploring Self-Care With Travel And New Adventures

The 'Bel-Air' actress talked about everything from traveling abroad to solo dating!

Actress Jazlyn Martin in travel photos
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Jazlyn Martin may have a busy schedule, but she never allows that to interfere with her Soulful Soft Life, which she tells us consists of self-care rituals and traveling around the world. If you’ve been binge-watching Bel-Air—a groundbreaking reinterpretation of the 90s hit TV sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air—then you are familiar with the talented actress. She plays Jackie, a character who dreams to dance at Julliard.

“I feel like acting and dancing go hand-in-hand,” Martin tells BrownStyle Magazine. “When I am acting, my background in dance reminds me that my body also has to tell a story.”

The Los Angeles native happily reveals during our conversation that she is trained in several styles of dance that include ballet, modern, hip hop, and her personal favorite— jazz. She explains that she often uses dance as her safe space to explore her inner creativity.

“It gets me out of my head,” she notes, before sharing that her favorite dancers to draw inspiration from is Misty Copeland, Lester Horton, and Parris Goebel.

When Martin is not acting, dancing, or singing, you can more than likely find the triple threat relishing in the joys of life. Below, check out the highlights from our conversation with the star that we hope inspires you to step outside into nature and enjoy the perks of solo dating.

Exploring Self-Care & Nature

“When it comes to self-care, I equate it with exploring new things,” Martin tells us, before revealing she routinely practices the art of exploration by spending time in nature. “Something about nature just energizes my soul, whether it is at the beach or seeing a new garden. It makes me reflect on life.”

She adds, “Sometimes I go to the beach by myself with my coloring book just to get back with my inner child and feed her soul. It feeds my artistic soul.”

Enjoying The Beauty Of Solo Dating

The actress strongly believes that it’s important to carve out time from your busy schedule to show yourself a little TLC. “Solo dates are like the epitome of self-care to me,” she expresses. “I recently took myself out to one of my favorite restaurants, before going to see a movie alone.” 

For those who are also looking for ways to either solo date or just to take a step away from the norm, Martin recommends a trip to the history museums to explore new worlds— especially when you can’t travel great distances. “Visiting museums helps me dive even more into my artistic side because I have more information from different cultures and eras,” she explains.

Jazlyn Martin Travel Photos
Photos courtesy of Jazlyn Martin | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

Finding Love On Her Own Terms

When it comes to love, Martin is wise beyond her years and seems to know exactly what she wants in a relationship. “Everyone has their own definition of love, based on their past experiences. This makes them choose who they want to love and how they want to be loved. It’s like, I don’t need someone, but I’m choosing to love them. I think that’s so much stronger.”

Opting For Opulence In The World Of Travel

For Martin, experiences open her eyes and her heart. She particularly loves traveling around the world to discover new places and adventures. “Traveling is opulence for me,” she shares with enthusiasm. “I just came back from Tokyo and Seoul!”

Celebrating Representation In Storytelling

As an Afro-Latina actress, Martin stands firmly on representation and diversity in the entertainment industry.

“Black and Brown people are thriving,” Martin says with pride. “I think authentic storytelling is very important. We should be able to see ourselves and relate to what we see on screen. When you actually see yourself on screen and you’re like, ‘That’s what we say. That is what we do,’ it creates authenticity. If you’re going to tell a Black and Brown story, tell it right!”

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