Solo Dates Are Rising In Popularity—Here’s Why We LOVE Dating Ourselves!

If you haven’t been dating yourself, you’ve been missing out!

woman sitting and smiling while on a solo date
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If you haven’t been on a solo date, you’re missing out on the wonderful opportunity to build a deeper connection with yourself while doing the activities you love. In recent months, women from all walks of life have joined the conversation surrounding solo dates and from our survey of Threads followers, it’s a fantastic opportunity to show yourself some love. 

What is solo dating and why are solo dates so popular?

Solo dating is a movement that has women— whether they are single or in a committed relationship— carving out time from their busy schedules to date themselves. During this alone time, participants are encouraged to treat themselves to something fun or relaxing. Think: signing up for an exciting dance class or booking a day at the spa!

Part of the growth in popularity for solo dates has come from society finally abandoning the idea that you have to have a “date” in order to have a good time. Not to get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a date with your significant other…but sometimes you just need a minute to live your best life.

Photo by Ogo

Who should go on a solo date?

According to certified matchmaker and dating specialist, Chi Love, anyone in search of a self-love boost (and peace of mind) should carve out time from their schedule to go on a solo date. To single women in particular, she highly suggests using your alone time to find what truly brings you joy before getting into a committed relationship.

“It’s important to date yourself—especially when you’re single,” she tells BrownStyle Magazine. “Find out what brings joy to your heart. What feeds your soul? What turns you on? What makes you laugh? These are all things that someone who wants to build with you will need to know. It’s important that you know how to love yourself and who you are wholeheartedly so that when that special person comes around, you can teach them how to love you correctly.”

The CEO and founder of N.Y.A. Love and Dating Services adds, “When you’re single EXPLORE. Try new things. Go watch that movie you’ve been dying to see. Try that new restaurant everyone is raving over. Go to a comedy show and laugh until you can’t breathe. Embrace the now.”

Discovering the Joys of Solo Dates

Our BrownStyle Beauties—both single and in relationships— say dating themselves has done wonders in helping them unlock their inner peace and discover activities that bring them joy.

Below, read why our BrownStyle Beauties LOVE solo dates so much! 

It’s A Fun Experience

“Solo dates are fun! It is great to go have a nice meal and decompress. I love going to comedy shows […] your life experiences should not be dependent on someone taking you out.” 

-Chandra Gore

It’s A Celebration Of Self

“It’s a mix of celebrating myself and people-watching. As a foodie, I also get to experience food with all my senses. Solo dates are self-care!”


It’s A Much-Needed Reset For Moms

“As a mom, I look forward to it! I get to see movies that my husband and kid won’t want to see, go to restaurants that aren’t kid-friendly, and just reset. Sometimes I just want to be alone.” 

-Shakeema Bouyer

It’s All About Love And Growth

“Solo dates often remind me why I love me so much, along with how far I’ve come. It can be hard sometimes to fall in love with yourself over and over again after you’ve been through so much. Getting to a place where you can date yourself just shows so much growth.”

-Dr. Nesi Ewing

It’s A Magical Moment

“It is one of the most liberating, stress-releasing, and productive acts of self-love. Going on solo dates is actually how I met my love. I went to my friend’s show, and he happened to be performing that night.” 

-Nica Wilds

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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