Last-Minute Tips For Decorating Your Home For The Holidays

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Last Minute Holiday Home Decor Tips
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Have you put up your holiday decorations yet? We polled a few professional women, and while a majority of them revealed that they put up decorations as soon as the clock turned midnight on November 1st, others confessed they haven’t gotten to it just yet.

No judgment, but if you are the latter, you might want to get a move on decorating. (Sis, there’s no reason to wait last minute and find yourself scrambling to decorate hours before the family arrives for the holidays.)

To help you get started, we reconnected with Lakesia Jennings— the DIY/Home Decor enthusiast we spoke to back in September who’s using her handy skills to design her dream home. Although the mom says she personally loves to decorate early in the season to add a festive vibe to her mood, she was more than happy to share a few quick tips to help you add some extra pizazz to your home during the holidays.

How to find inspiration for holiday decor

For Lakesia, finding inspiration for holiday decor can come from a variety of places. To get started, she says try looking at holiday decor videos on YouTube for inspiration. She also suggests trying Pinterest. “Once you’ve figured out your theme for the year, then it’s time to hit the stores,” she shares with enthusiasm. 

How to make your holiday decorating experience less stressful

Like most projects, getting an early start is key to making the experience less stressful. It gives you time to commit to a theme and find all the items you want to make your home embody the holiday season. 

Lakesia Jennings Shares Holiday Decor Tips
Photo by Lakesia Jennings

If you find yourself getting a late start on your holiday decorating, Lakesia says it’s easy to get back on schedule as long as you don’t overdo it. 

“Only do what you can,” she advises. “Do not go into debt trying to do what you see on the internet. If you’re like me and want multiple rooms decorated, do one room at a time that way you’re not all over the place.”

She adds that making a budget and sticking to it will make sure that you won’t be stressed before you head into the new year.

Lastly, she reminds us all to have fun. “It’s the holidays! If you find yourself stressing about holiday decorating just stop. This time of the year is all about having a good time. Find time to do fun things like baking cookies or watching a holiday movie to brighten up your mood,” she concludes.

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