LaKesia Jennings Is Using Her DIY Skills To Create A Luxurious Home She Loves

The self-taught home DIY designer and builder hopes to inspire other WOC to create their happy space, even if they’re on a budget.

LaKesia Jennings Is Using Her DIY Skills To Create A Luxurious Home She Loves!
LaKesia Jennings

LaKesia Jennings is designing her soulful soft life, one DIY project at a time! If you spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram for home design inspiration, you’ve more than likely come across the busy mom’s quick videos that showcase her taking a hands-on approach to leveling up her living space.

What started out of boredom during the pandemic (and a deep desire to renovate her pantry) has propelled the self-taught home DIY designer and builder to popularity among those who are looking for inspiration to create the home of their dreams without exceeding their budget.

When we spoke to Jennings, we were delightfully inspired by the mindset that’s allowed her to transform her home into a fabulous dwelling filled with luxe gold finishings and stylish decor.

LaKesia Jennings Is Using Her DIY Skills To Create A Luxurious Home She Loves!
Photos courtesy of LaKesia Jennings | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

“When you walk into your home it should be a sanctuary. A place where you can drop all of your worries at the door and be at peace. That is what I am creating,” says Jennings, who works at a Fortune 500 Bank as a UAT Pricing Analyst. “I’m using my building and design talent to create a space to nurture my soulful soft life. I encourage all of you to do the same!”

With over 182K followers on Instagram, we think it’s safe to say that many people love Jennings’ idea of taking a hands-on approach to creating a space you love. 

“I know how it feels to want more for your home, but not be able to spend thousands of dollars on projects,” the Florida native reveals, pointing out that she originally created her social media page to post decor inspiration. “I had no idea I would get the response that I did on social media. It’s an absolute dream! I especially love to receive pictures and messages from my followers about how much I inspired them to try something new. They’ve been doing the darn thing!”

We first fell in love with the digital creator after watching a series of videos showing her transform her standard walk-in closet into an elevated custom closet space that exudes luxury.

Jennings, who describes her personal design style as modern with a hint of glam, admits her closet transformation is one of her favorite DIYs thus far because it pushed her outside of her comfort zone.

“It’s pushed me to try a few new things like plexiglass for the doors. The doors were supposed to be mirrored, but it broke so I had to get creative,” she explains. “Also peel and stick flooring, which I am currently in love with. Although it was all a pain, it was a learning experience and it elevated the look of my closet tremendously. I absolutely love it!”

Jennings is also proud of the marble-inspired coffee table she built for only $25.

“It was the easiest DIY to date and it came out better than I imagined. I actually recorded the video without even knowing if it would make it to social media because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but people honestly think I bought it from a high-end furniture store,” she shares with excitement.

For those who may be interested in starting their own home DIY projects, but may be hesitant about getting started, Jennings suggests starting small.

“If you watch a detailed DIY video and feel semi-confident in doing what you see, go for it,” she encourages, before expressing the importance of planning exactly how you are going to complete the project. “Do not skip the prep work! The prep work is usually boring and sometimes tedious, however, it’s going to be the base for your best work.”

In the preparation stage, Jennings also advises beginners to only buy the tools they need for that particular project, instead of overwhelming themselves with a boatload of unnecessary purchases.

And for our BrownStyle readers, the DIY guru offers her genuine support. “If you need advice, hit your girl up. I’m always down to help if I can!”

We hope Jennings’ story serves as inspiration to step outside your comfort zone and try some DIY projects in your home. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Even small DIYs can give your home the luxury look you’re hoping to achieve. 

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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