Meet Destiny Darcel: A Digital Illustrator Celebrating The Diverse Beauty Of WOC

"I want Black women to see themselves and their family and their best friends in each of my pieces."

Destiny Darcel Exclusive Interview With BrownStyle Magazine
Photos courtesy of Destiny Darcel

For Destiny Darcel, art is more than a form of expression—it is an opportunity to build a community and start uplifting conversations. Using Black women as her muse, the digital illustrator has risen in popularity on social media thanks to her signature designs that beautifully merge positive affirmations with the undeniable style and beauty of WOC.

With over 100k followers on Instagram, it’s hard to believe that the Atlanta-based artist started her career as a digital illustrator just three years ago. However, sometimes you just have to walk on faith and let life guide you to your destiny.

“I actually got started during quarantine,” Darcel tells BrownStyle Magazine in an exclusive interview. “Before then, I had never picked up a pencil or anything to draw. One day I saw an illustration that another artist posted and asked my dad to buy me an iPad and Apple Pencil. The rest is literally history.”

Alone time during the Covid-19 pandemic, ultimately allotted the creator the opportunity to hone in on her craft on the daily. In no time, her artwork began to capture the attention of those looking for diversity and representation in design, including brands like Fenty Beauty and HomeGoods.

“The only experience I know is a Black woman’s experience. The only standard of beauty I know is a Black woman’s standard of beauty. I see us from a lens of love and familiarity, so naturally, my art speaks to Black women,” she shares about the inspiration behind her designs.

She continues, “When we come together and love on one another, it’s so magical! That’s why I focus on community building when I’m creating. I want Black women to see themselves and their family and their best friends in each of my pieces.”

Destiny Darcel's Artwork of two women in a car
Artwork courtesy of Destiny Darcel

Darcel points out that although her artwork is niche, it is completely necessary as we continue to strive for diversity and inclusion in mainstream media. 

“As many digital artists as there are, there aren’t a lot of Black women,” she notes, pointing out the significance of having different points of view in art to ensure we all feel seen. “I draw what I feel like I need and hope that it resonates with everyone. It usually does! You’re never the only one who feels or needs a certain thing.”

Even as the boss of her own business, Darcel practices what she preaches and takes time to lean into her soft life. “Some days I don’t work,” she shares with a chuckle when asked about her work-life balance. 

She continues, “I can pick and choose when I want to work and how I want to work. Some Mondays I decide not to wake up until 10. I cook myself breakfast and watch a little Netflix before I pick up my iPad. On a whim, I can decide to catch a flight to Louisiana and hang out with my granny for a week or two. It’s given me the freedom to do exactly what I want whenever I want.”

Although Darcel had no idea her artwork would have such influence, she doesn’t take it lightly. Using her designs, the artist tells us she has plans to expand and teases some exciting new projects in the future. 

“I’m always rolling out new products and keeping it cute. I keep having this feeling that something special is coming,” she shares when asked about her upcoming plans. “This experience reinforces my school of thought that we should walk by faith and not by sight. And with over 100k Black women behind me, I can’t lose!”

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Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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