Vanessa Simmons Reveals Her Ways To Wellness: Meditation, Prayer, And Affirmations!

We spoke to the entrepreneur about how she maintains work-life balance.

Vanessa Simmons: Ways To Wellness
Photos courtesy of Vanessa Simmons (@vanessajsimmons) | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

Wellness is a deeply personal journey, shaped by individual interpretations. Creative Director Emerald Elitou created the series ‘Ways To Wellness’ as a way to highlight professional women who use self-care practices to nurture their mind, body, and soul. Hopefully, this candid conversation with Vanessa Simmons inspires you to create your own self-care and wellness rituals.

Growing up in the spotlight of reality television, Vanessa Simmons is no stranger to the perception that people know her intimately. “There are pieces of me I have kept to myself over the years to maintain a bit of normalcy in my life,” she tells BrownStyle Magazine in an exclusive interview. “Most people don’t know that I’m the mother of a 9-year-old. Being a mother is one of the biggest accomplishments in my life so far.”

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, Simmons diligently seeks balance between the demands of motherhood, business, and the pursuit of self-care. Her experiences have ingrained a profound belief that wellness and self-care are interdependent, a lesson learned through a personal bout of burnout and anxiety. “I have dealt with anxiety for years due to hectic schedules. When my sister [Angela Simmons] and I were doing Pastry promo tours, there was a time when we would travel so much that I couldn’t keep track of what state I was waking up in,” Simmon shares.

Vanessa Simmons: Ways To Wellness
Photos courtesy of Vanessa Simmons (@vanessajsimmons) | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

She continues, “It was a wild time, and even though it was amazing, and we were girl-bossing hard, it took a tremendous toll on my mental health. This is really where I learned the importance of wellness and how to prioritize myself, even above work.”

Simmons advocates for equilibrium and recognizes that rest is needed to reap the benefits of hard work. “Wellness is about filling your cup when you feel depleted,” she reminds us.

This philosophy influenced the multifaceted entrepreneur to establish U4IA, a platform that takes a comprehensive approach to wellness. “During the COVID-19 pandemic when everything felt so uncertain and being healthy was vital, I felt called to arm myself, my friends, and my family with knowledge and actionable steps to maintain their health,” she explains.

Sharing daily tips within her personal network ultimately prompted the expansion of her outreach. “It felt like a natural step to use my platform to help others, especially people of color who may be at a disadvantage when it comes to access to knowledge and resources,” she adds.

Ahead, the founder of U4IA invites us into her world and reveals why her ways to wellness consists of prayer, self-care rituals, and balance. Find out how Vanessa Simmons is living her Soulful Soft Life

Her Morning Routine

Vanessa Simmons: Ways To Wellness
Photos courtesy of Vanessa Simmons (@vanessajsimmons) | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

Reflecting on the importance of her mornings, Simmons firmly believes that how you spend your morning sets the tone for the entire day. Her day commences with a sequence that includes rising early before the household stirs, dedicating time to her skincare routine, working out, prayer, and journaling

Following this, she prioritizes her daughter’s morning routine and accompanies her to school, emphasizing the significant value of spending this time to bond with her baby girl. 

Simmons acknowledges that although her morning ritual isn’t always flawless, there’s no denying the value of having a routine. “It doesn’t always happen perfectly because life is life, but on the days that I can commit to my routine, I can attest to it being a factor in my day flowing better than on the days I don’t,” she notes. 

Her Nighttime Routine

Vanessa Simmons: Ways To Wellness
Photos courtesy of Vanessa Simmons (@vanessajsimmons) | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

“It’s so important to commit to shutting down your mind and all the things that can take up space in your thoughts during the day,” Simmons explains about the importance of having a nighttime routine before underlining the significance of her wind-down practice, which she believes is just as valuable as how you start your day.

During her evenings, Simmons consciously engages in activities that foster self-care and relaxation. Whether it’s using a facial steamer while watching her favorite shows or luxuriating with a soothing bath, the actress believes self-care practices are crucial to maintaining her soft life.

“Those are things that bring me joy and peace and help me recharge. I look forward to it daily,” she shares with enthusiasm, noting that resetting and relaxing positively impacts her mood. “You have to give yourself permission to slow down. It’s important to give yourself grace.”

Her Self-Care And Wellness Routine

Simmons’ routine encompasses a spectrum of activities tailored to enhance her well-being, including luxurious spa days, solo dates, along with daily practices of meditation, prayer, affirmations, and workouts.

Much like other professional women, Simmons’ approach to self-care is all about adapting to the spontaneity of life and catering to her varied needs.

“Distractions and obstacles are a part of life, but how you respond to them is what makes the difference in the outcome,” she emphasizes. “If you are showing up for yourself and making wellness a priority in your life, I feel you will handle these obstacles in a more mindful way. It can make all the difference.”

Her Approach To Finding Peace In Faith

When confronted with bouts of anxiety or facing mental roadblocks, Simmons has two essential approaches she takes to ease her mind— praying and stepping away. “I go to God and pray to get back in alignment with myself and reset so I can come back even better,” she tells us. 

Her Rule For Removing Roadblocks 

Regarding mental roadblocks, she emphasizes the importance of taking a break to seek new perspectives. She explains, “I take a break to spend some time doing something I really love. From there, I can gain a new perspective and let the inspiration flow. Happiness and joy always activate inspiration and I find I operate best when I’m happy.”

To prevent encountering mental roadblocks in the first place, Simmons practices mindfulness. “I am mindful of where and how I’m investing my time and energy. I focus on the things I truly enjoy,” she adds.

Her Words Of Wisdom For BrownStyle Readers

When asked for advice on prioritizing wellness in the upcoming year, Simmons emphasizes the importance of setting the intention to prioritize oneself. “Look for practices and habits that resonate with what your soul and body need to be at its best,” she humbly concludes.

Emerald Elitou followed in the footsteps of her parents and sister by developing into a highly sought-after journalist who writes about everything from beauty to wellness for well-known publications including Byrdie, Essence, and Allure, to name a few.

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