Advice For Couples Celebrating Valentine’s Day For The First Time

Are you and someone special in your life celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together? Keep this in mind when shopping for their gift!

Valentine's Day Gifts For New Couples
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Are you and someone special in your life celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together? Let me be the first one to congratulate you! 

While committing to a new relationship comes with its “honeymoon” phase, it can also come with its learning phases as you find your groove as a new couple. Choosing a gift for special holidays can be one of the big hurdles you experience as you navigate your relationship together.

So, what can you do on Valentine’s Day to celebrate someone you love? It all depends on your partner. 

Pay Attention To Their Love Language

What is their love language? What things do they value? Are they someone who appreciates thoughtful gifts? Are they constantly mentioning something that they want or need? These are all questions to consider when buying or putting together gifts for both V-Day (and any upcoming anniversaries). 

Plan A Suprise Date Night For Two

Valentine's Day Gifts For New Couples

If they are someone who values quality time, I highly recommend surprising them with a romantic date night for two at a fancy restaurant or your favorite place as a couple. If you are both homebodies, try planning a romantic evening indoors with some of your favorite foods, movies, and games.

(FYI: Ladies, you can plan a romantic date night, too. This can be a great way to get your partner to step outside their comfort zone while showing that you care.)

You Can Never Go Wrong With “Love Coupons”

One of my favorite last-minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day are “Love Coupon” books. These pre-made vouchers, which can be found on Amazon and in select retail stores, provide a thoughtful way to increase romantic interactions between you and your special someone. 

“Love Coupons” can speak volumes depending on what your partner needs and what you feel they will value most. I always encourage my clients to put thought and effort into designing the vouchers. For instance, who wouldn’t want to redeem a coupon that promises “a night of cuddles on a rainy day” or a “week free from doing the dishes”?

In my opinion, it can be a great way to add acts of service into your relationship.  

Overall, Be Thoughtful

Whether is a night out at their favorite restaurant or filling a gift basket full of their favorite snacks and things, the overall goal during Valentine’s Day is to be thoughtful and move with intention. 

Everyone wants to feel important and valued. This is why I don’t recommend “winging it.” Thoughtful gifts always speak volumes to the hearts of those that we love the most, especially during the building stages of a relationship

Chi Love is the CEO and founder of N.Y.A. Love and Dating Services. Affectionately known as the The Love Genie, the Professional Matchmaker and Dating Specialist enjoys working with singles from all over the US to find their true love.