How To Set Your New Year Goals And WIN As A Couple!

Find out the best ways to plan your 2024 goals as a couple!

Happy couple making a vision board together for the new year
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It’s once again that time of year to make that vision board, write down your goals, and get organized to make your dreams a reality. Although you can easily do these activities solo, I encourage you to set the tone for your relationship in 2024 by inviting your partner to join you in planning your upcoming wins.

As a professional matchmaker, I’ve seen firsthand how the start of a new year can offer a perfect opportunity for couples to strengthen the foundation of their relationship. 

By aligning your aspirations and working towards shared goals as a couple, you can create a shared vision for the future and set your intentions for the new year which ensures that you are both making conscious efforts to win together. As they say, two minds are better than one. 

Below, find out the best ways to plan your new year as a couple.

Reflect On The Previous Year As A Couple

As a duo, take some time to reflect on the previous year. Celebrate your achievements and acknowledge the challenges. The point of this exercise is not to dwell on the past but instead to help you understand what worked well and what areas might need improvement.

Identify Shared Goals And Dreams

Next, have an open and honest discussion about individual aspirations and desires for the upcoming year. You will more than likely be surprised at how many goals you both share— from career/business dreams to self-care and relationship goals. 

Even if you don’t share the same goals, this is a time to be open and supportive. Listen and find out how you can help support each other’s goals so that you both end up at the finish line. 

Create a Vision Board With Realistic Goals

Visualizing your goals can be a powerful motivator. This is why vision boards are so popular. As a couple, carve out time to create a vision board using images and words that represent your shared goals and aspirations. Be realistic, but also use this opportunity to dream together. After it’s complete, display it in a prominent place as a daily reminder of what you are both trying to achieve as a couple.

Support Each Other & Celebrate The Wins

It’s all about celebrating the wins! Encourage and support one another throughout the journey. Remember, a strong support system enhances your ability to overcome obstacles.

Celebrate small victories and provide reassurance during challenging times. Acknowledging success reinforces the positive aspects of your relationship and motivates you to continue working together towards new (and exciting) milestones.

Happy winning!

Chi Love is the CEO and founder of N.Y.A. Love and Dating Services. Affectionately known as the The Love Genie, the Professional Matchmaker and Dating Specialist enjoys working with singles from all over the US to find their true love.