Monthly Manicures Bring Bliss To My Soulful Soft Life

Rich Girl Nails
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Booking my monthly manicures will always be an act of self-care that brings me bliss. The moment I schedule a date with my nail tech, I am overwhelmed with excitement. More times than not, I already have the design I want to try days before my appointment. Who am I kidding? Sometimes weeks in advance!  

If you get it, you get it. 

As an artist, I am a strong believer that manicures are a fun way to express your personality and creativity. This is why I carefully brainstorm the right nail design that speaks to my aesthetic. 

Choosing a nail artist that gets my vision is essential to the collaborative experience. I am always thankful when my nail artist can effortlessly use their talent to make my dreams a reality. I especially love it when I can find a nail tech that has their pulse on the hottest nail trends of the season.

Finding Nail Design Inspiration

For me, finding manicure inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes I find inspiration from scrolling on social media. Other times, I source ideas from my everyday life. 

Last year, I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Beverly Hills for the first time. During my trip, I enjoyed a lovely stay at a 5-star hotel and dined at a high-end restaurant. 

California was a vibe. The people were light-hearted and joyful. The fashion on Rodeo Drive was just as stylish as they displayed in the movies. And the opulence of the environment was enough to have anyone wanting to extend their stay.

Scenery from Beverly Hills, CA

Wanting to hold on to that experience, I created a mood board from the photos I took during my stay. The aesthetic gave off richness. As you’d imagine, the “Rich Girl” nail trend piqued my interest when it spiked in popularity earlier this year. 

What Are Rich-Girl Nails?

“Rich Girl” nails are clean, glittery, and attention-grabbing without being boisterous. The concept behind the style is a minimal design with little to no effort. As they say, less is more. 

When I booked an appointment at Resort Nailz — located in Ardmore, PA — I was ecstatic. Not only was I excited to tell my nail technician about my trip, but I was also eager to see her bring the “Rich Girl” design to life. 

The Manicure Process

Paris, a nail artist who specializes in custom press-on nails, began my manicure by caring for my natural nails. She shared the following tips to keep nails healthy and strong, especially for those who love press-on manis.

“The best way to care for nails is to keep them clean and dry,” Paris explained, before noting the importance of wearing gloves while doing household chores. “Keeping your nails dry helps to prevent growth of fungus and bacteria. Also, never forget that cuticle oil is your best friend!”

While I chatted about my California excursion, Paris clipped, buffed, and cleaned my nails. After completing the prep work, she carefully sized each press-on nail to ensure an accurate fit before applying each one to my nail bed. 

Before choosing my polish, Paris asked to see the look I was trying to achieve. I quickly pulled out my phone to show her my mood board, along with photos of Jennifer Lopez and Jenna Ortega rocking the timeless “Rich Girl” design.

The process was quick, simple, and fun. In a blink of an eye, my manicure was complete. Paris even added hand-painted stars to add a sparkle of my personality to the simplistic look.

The Results

Monthly Manicure: woman showing "rich girl" nails

As I gazed at my new design, my heart filled with joy. I really liked the design because it leaned into the “Quiet Luxury” aesthetic we’ve all come to love, but still captured attention. 

Before leaving the shop, I racked up tons of compliments from patrons and other nail techs about how classy and sophisticated my mani looked. Any true nail enthusiast knows that this is a huge confidence boost! 

What I love the most about getting a manicure is how it becomes a source of conversation. It’s a wearable piece of art that can be proudly displayed to the world. It’s a symbol of expression. This is why I always look forward to my monthly nail appointments. It is a self-care act that brings true bliss to my Soulful Soft Life.

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Sisi Elitou is a writer that loves to share her first-hand experiences. The creator has become known as a fashion and beauty forecaster thanks to her keen ability to spot the next big trends. When she's not combing the internet to find who and what's up next, Sisi is tapping into her soulful soft life through self-care, dance, music, and art.