Unique Spring Date Ideas For Couples Who Want To Level Up Their Romance

Professional matchmaker Chi Love shares a list of fun, romantic, and adventurous activities to enjoy with your special someone!

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We’re officially only days away from Spring and there’s no better time than now to start locking in dates for you and your bae to enjoy the great outdoors! With the weather getting warmer, there are so many fun activities you can enjoy with your significant other. 

Looking for some unique ideas to help you refresh and remix your dates? Take a look as these five spring date ideas that will not only be fun, but also romantic.

1) A Lovely Hike Filled With PDA

Going on a hike together can be a great way to reconnect to both nature and your spouse. During your outdoor adventure, be intentional and present with your loved one.

Take in the scenery. And if the mood strikes when you get to the top of the hill, celebrate your accomplishment with some PDA. It’s also a nice time to snap a couple’s photo to memorialize the moment. Trust me when I say the vibe of achieving something together will be worth it. Did I mention the view will be incredible?

2) A Romantic Stroll Outdoors

If hiking isn’t your thing or you’re not as keen on nature, then you can simply take a nice afternoon stroll on a peaceful day around the neighborhood or local park. Hold hands and people-watch while you enjoy one another’s company.

3) Sexy Star Gazing

Do you and your loved one have tight schedules? Find a night when the stars are shining brightly in the sky and cuddle up with a large comfy blanket underneath the stars. This can be a great opportunity to reconnect and make plans for the future.

4) A Peaceful Picnic

The next mild day on the calendar, grab a thick blanket, pack some tasty treats, and head to a quiet park with soft grass. While basking in the warm sun and taking it slow, enjoy a romantic picnic with snacks and beverages you and your spouse love. To make the experience more intentional, consider bringing a journal to brainstorm and write down goals you want to achieve as a couple.

5) Create ‘Love And Basketball’ Vibes

Are you a couple who loves sports? Find an outdoor basketball court (or get a mini-indoor basketball hoop). While enjoying quality time together, take turns shooting hoops and playfully reminiscing on the past.

To make the game more interesting, make the incentives for winning spicy with promises of kisses for whoever makes the first basket or the opportunity to choose the next vacation for the first one to make five points. Trust me, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to turn on the heat in your relationship and bring you two even closer!

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

Chi Love is the CEO and founder of N.Y.A. Love and Dating Services. Affectionately known as the The Love Genie, the Professional Matchmaker and Dating Specialist enjoys working with singles from all over the US to find their true love.