Making The Most Of Networking Events In 2024—Quick & Easy Tips!

It starts with being yourself and knowing your objective for attending the event.

women networking at an event
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Whether you love it or not, networking will always be an important part of building a successful brand and excelling in your career. Don’t believe us? Just ask the millions of women who spend countless dollars a year to attend business conferences and events across the globe.

While some people find themselves becoming squeamish about the idea of “putting themselves out there” and talking to strangers, others seize the opportunity to expand their network with professional and/or social contacts.

women networking at an event
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Jamie Maglietta, the creator of (ON CAM) Ready, knows all too well the power of networking. According to the multi-hyphenate producer, she’s made countless genuine connections through in-person events that not only paid off professionally but personally as well. 

“I have made more genuine connections from in-person events than from virtual networking events,” Maglietta tells BrownStyle Magazine exclusively. “In my opinion, cultivating relationships face-to-face is instrumental in broadening your network of mentors, mentees, and professional references. I found that attending networking events not only facilitates career growth but also fosters enduring friendships.”

As a media professional with an impressive career spanning CNN, MSNBC, and BET, Maglietta has come to cherish the opportunity to meet people who share similar goals as herself— especially in person. 

“While virtual events offer convenience, the distinct advantage of in-person gatherings lies in the ability to connect with individuals who share similar sensibilities, networking styles, or even a common appreciation for finer details such as fashion,” the Emmy-nominated media expert notes. 

Eager to learn more about her insight, we continued our conversation with Jamie Maglietta to find out her secrets to making the most out of networking events in 2024. Good luck! 

6 Tips For Making The Most Of Networking Events In 2024—According To Jamie Maglietta

According to Maglietta, networking doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about being yourself and knowing your objective for attending the event, whether it’s building connections or looking for ways to collaborate with fellow professionals. 

Keep scrolling to find out her expert tips for making the most out of each experience.

1) Plan your talking points. Before attending a networking event, it is always important to develop your basic talking points. Talking points should include knowledge of the news or stories professionals in your industry are talking about, two to three strengths you want to highlight but weave into conversations subtly, and questions you want to ask others that will ultimately lead to topics you feel confident talking about.

women networking at an event
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2) Coordinate your outfit. At networking events, the first impression is sometimes your only opportunity to make an impression. That’s why I believe your style should reflect three things: the job you want, your vibe, and your work ethic. Ask yourself how you want to be perceived, and then dress accordingly. If you are looking for three go-to pieces for your professional wardrobe, I highly recommend a tapered blazer, black fitted pants, and heels that are both stylish and comfortable. 

3) Remember it’s always better to smile. Networking events can make people nervous, but if you arrive with a smile, you will get off on the right foot. If you start to feel nervous, think positive. This will help you remain engaged and open to connections.

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4) Work the room. To make the most of a networking event, do not cling to the first person you meet. Build up your confidence and walk up to professionals who look interesting or are alone. Those who are alone may not be looking for work but could be there observing in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough. The point is, you never know, so make the most of the event and talk to everyone you possibly can.

5) Be humble. Do not brag or talk about yourself all night. As mentioned in my first tip, you need to have talking points. These talking points should be well thought out, but make sure you ask questions that lead to others sharing their own strengths and career highlights.

6) Master pivoting a conversation. If you connect with someone who is talking about themselves non-stop and you find it difficult to walk away, come up with a line that will signal you are there to mingle. You could say, “I am impressed by all you are doing, let’s talk more later. Right now, I want to try and meet as many people as possible.” After that, simply exchange emails or LinkedIn QR codes before striking up a conversation with someone else.

Where To Find Networking Events To Attend In 2024

According to Maglietta, finding a networking event to attend in 2024 can be as simple as asking a colleague or a quick search on LinkedIn. She also suggests joining a local business bureau, alumni association, or business organization to find events that best suit your interests. 

“I attend monthly networking events through my alumni association. I also help organize events for the Atlanta Chapter of the Producers Guild of America,” the producer tells us. “We host a monthly networking event. We are also scheduling scouting events where producers can network while touring studios in and around the Atlanta area.”

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