The Soft Life: How To Find Peace In Today’s Hustle And Bustle!

Dr. April Carter shares her advice to creating a soft life on your own terms!

How I Live My Soft Life- Dr. April Carter
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Living a “soft life” starts with embracing comfort and ease. According to Dr. April Carter, finding the balance between achieving your goals and carving out time to indulge in leisure is key to living the soft life you dream of. 

As an Internal Medicine Doctor and franchise owner of two HOTWORX locations, Dr. April is no stranger to a jam-packed work schedule. Still, she never lets her business goals interfere with her work-life balance and self-care rituals. 

“Rest enhances productivity and well-being,” Dr. April tells BrownStyle Magazine, before reminding us of the importance of slowing down and managing your time wisely. “When possible, start your day with meditation and exercise. I love to start my day with a 15-minute or 30-minute HOTWORX session. This helps energize my body and mind.”

Building connections and nurturing a community is also essential for living the Soulful Soft Life, according to the expert. “Building a community provides emotional support, growth opportunities, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging. Communities inspire, motivate, and reduce isolation, enhancing overall well-being and leaving a positive legacy,” she notes.

For the medical professional, soft living starts with a mindset shift to put your well-being first. “It’s essential,” she shares, before revealing she loves to treat herself to wine and a good movie after a long day.

Keep scrolling to read Dr. April’s advice to create a soft life on your own terms. Hopefully this inspires you!

Define Your Soft Life

There’s no better time than today to pull out your magazines and start working on your vision board. According to Dr. April, soft living starts with defining what your soft life looks like to you.

What makes you happy? What does peace look like to you? What are some of your goals? These are just some of the questions you should consider when you visualize your ideal soft life.

Transition Into A Soft Life Mindset

Mindset plays a key role in soft living and it starts with simplifying your life. Dr. April suggests decluttering your space and evaluating both physical possessions and mental clutter to understand what truly adds value to your life. 

“Identify key values and goals, then allocate your time and resources accordingly,” she shares, before advising us all to let go of drama. “Release emotional attachments to objects and negative thought patterns that no longer serve you. Embrace minimalism by focusing on essentials and decluttering spaces to create a serene environment.”

Prioritize Self-Care And Rest

Self-care is essential to living a soft life. The doctor highly suggests scheduling regular self-care activities to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

“Start with small steps to gradually integrate self-care into your routine without feeling guilty,” she explains. “Spend time alone doing activities you enjoy, such as reading, taking a bath, or meditating. Solitude can be rejuvenating and help you reconnect with yourself.”

This also includes getting plenty of rest. “During sleep, the body goes through processes of repair, growth, and maintenance. Tissues and muscles are repaired, and the immune system is strengthened,” the doctor reminds us.

Find Balance Through Breaks

When looking for work-life balance, Dr. April highly suggests allocating time for essential tasks without allowing your to-do list to consume your entire day.

“Plan your day efficiently, allowing for both focused work and relaxation,” she suggests. “Incorporate short breaks during work to recharge your mind and boost productivity. Also, dedicate specific times of the day to disconnect from screens and technology. This can help you be present in the moment and foster deeper connections with those around you.”

Find A Hobby

Dr. April is an advocate for following your passions and finding a hobby. She advises, “Dedicate time to hobbies and activities that bring joy and fulfillment. Choose activities that align with your core values and reflect who you are. Be sure to take notice of which activities energize you rather than drain you.”

Practice Mindfulness

By practicing mindfulness, you are able to stay present and appreciate the beauty in every moment. Dr. April suggests, “Engage in mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga, or journaling to clear mental clutter. When possible, start your day with meditation and exercise. Use this time to practice gratitude and focus on the positive in your life.”

Cultivate Connections

It’s important to build relationships that are meaningful and mutually beneficial. Find your community that uplifts and inspires you. With the right people around you, you’ll never have to worry about stress or drama.

Good Vibes Come From Good People
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Set Boundaries

It’s okay to say no to commitments that don’t align with your vision and well-being. “Set boundaries and surround yourself with people who are supportive,” Dr. April advises. “By defining clear boundaries for work and leisure, it helps to prevent burnout.” 

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