5 Secrets To Achieving Radiant And Glowing Skin This Fall

We spoke to a dermatologist to learn her secrets to maintaining healthy and radiant skin throughout the year. 

4 Secrets To Achieving Glowing And Radiant Skin This Fall
Photo courtesy of Vaseline

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it’s not just your wardrobe that deserves a seasonal transition. It’s equally important to transition your body care routine to ensure your skin stays healthy and radiant despite the harsh and drying weather that’s ushered in with the Fall/Winter solstice.

When it comes to transitioning your body care routine, you may feel that you need a little guidance. What ingredients should you look for? How do you find the right products for your skin? When should you start transitioning your beauty counter? These are just some questions that come to mind when you’re trying to shape your skincare ritual for the new season.

In hopes of learning valuable tips on creating a Fall skincare routine, we spoke to Dr. Caroline Robinson MD, FAAD, a board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Tone Dermatology

“Regardless of your skin type, I always recommend moisturizing– especially as the seasons change,” Dr. Robinson tells BrownStyle Magazine, before noting colder weather can lead to drier skin. “As soon as temperatures begin to drop, I encourage you to have a moisturizer for both your body and face handy. It will be your best friend!”

As Autumn sets in, Dr. Robinson encourages us to lean into our skincare by understanding our skin’s needs, prioritizing moisturization, and choosing the right products. Keep scrolling to learn our expert’s secrets to nurturing your skin this Fall.

Start Before The Seasons Change

According to Dr. Robinson, achieving radiant skin in the Fall/Winter starts by proactively protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the Summer sun. “Before we treat changes in the skin, it’s important to make sure to practice sun-safe behaviors,” she advises. 

The dermatologist recommends applying daily sunscreen, avoiding tanning, avoiding peak hours of sun, and wearing hats to prevent premature aging and damage to the skin’s natural barrier.

Pay Close Attention To Your Lifestyle & Diet 

Dr. Robinson is a strong believer that radiant skin starts within. She notes maintaining a healthy diet rich in colorful whole foods ensures you’re providing your body and skin with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to glow. 

“Daily vitamin supplements, such as multivitamins or probiotics recommended by your doctor, can be beneficial,” she adds. 

Staying active and well-hydrated are also key aspects of a healthy lifestyle that can enhance your skin’s vitality.

4 Secrets To Achieving Glowing And Radiant Skin This Fall
Photo courtesy of Vaseline

Understand Your Skin’s Needs 

“It’s important to follow your skin’s needs,” Dr. Robinson cautions, pointing out the perks of finding a board-certified dermatologist to help guide you in your skincare journey. “They can provide you with the right products that will specifically address your skin concerns to help you get that radiant glow.”

Prioritize Moisturization

As the temperature drops, it can lead to decreased moisture levels in your skin. To help combat dry skin, Dr. Robinson recommends prioritizing moisturization, regardless of your skin type. 

“I always tell my patients that the key to healthy, radiant skin is to moisturize,” she shares. “Make sure you apply your lotion within 2 minutes after your shower to ensure that minimal water loss has occurred from the skin and you are trapping in hydration while adding moisture. Similarly, use your hand cream right after washing your hands.”

Find The Right Products For Your Skin

Having the appropriate moisturizers on hand for both your body and face is essential. To find a product that best suits your skin’s needs, Dr. Robinson recommends paying close attention to the product’s ingredients to ensure that it meets your needs as a WOC.

“Many products on the market treat all skin the same, however, melanated skin is unique in its own nature and requires specific skin solutions to address specific needs and concerns that are common for Women of Color (WOC). This includes moisture imbalance, dark spots, and uneven skin tone,” she notes. “Ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, coconut oil, and shea butter are all great for moisturization and uneven skin tone for WOC.”

Dr. Robinson’s Recommendations For Your Fall Skincare Routine

Among Dr. Robinson’s recommendations is Vaseline’s new Radiant X collection, a line of four science-driven products that she helped play a key role in creating.

“As a Black woman and dermatologist, it is extremely important for me to understand, educate, and seek out products that cater to diverse skin tones,” Dr. Robinson shares. “Vaseline Radiant X was made with melanin-rich skin in mind, which is why I am so honored to have been a part of the development and now the product launch as a co-creator.”

4 Secrets To Achieving Glowing And Radiant Skin This Fall
Photo courtesy of Vaseline

The collection consists of the brand’s Even Tone Body Lotion, which is formulated with 1% niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3 that’s clinically proven to help hydrate skin while visibly reducing dark spots and uneven skin tone in just two weeks. 

“For every day, I love the Vaseline Radiant X Even Tone Body Lotion. It’s non-greasy, absorbs into the skin quickly, and contains a hint of coconut oil for an amazing yet not overbearing coconut scent,” she tells us. 

The line also features a Deep Nourishment Body Cream that promises to leave you moisturized for 72 hours, a quick-absorbing Replenishing Body Oil featuring 1% lipids to help soften and revive dull skin, and a Deep Nourishment Hand Butter that’s made of 100% shea butter to provide intense moisturization without feeling greasy.

In closing, Dr. Robinson says that you don’t need the most expensive products or have 10+ steps to achieve great results with your skincare routine. Instead, she reminds us it’s all about caring for your skin with good hygiene, a healthy lifestyle, and products that actually work. 

Cheers to confidently embracing the new season while maintaining healthy, radiant skin!

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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