How I Safely Date While Traveling The World—3 Simple Tips!

As a frequent solo traveler, I've picked up a few handy tips for international dating.

Morgan Angelique Owens: How I Safely Date While Traveling The World
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As a boss babe who’s always on the move, I know the challenges of maintaining a relationship. Following the pandemic and my breakup with my ex, I made a conscious decision to open my dating scope. I decided to see what’s really out there by vowing to explore what lies beyond the confines of my own city. I even opened up to the idea of finding love in other countries. 

To get different results you have to make different moves, right?

Of course, safety remains my top priority. As a frequent solo traveler, I’ve picked up a few handy tips for international dating while keeping my well-being intact. Below, learn my three invaluable tips for dating internationally. 

1. Never Let Them Know You’re Flying Solo

Whether you’re jet-setting domestically or hopping on international adventures, one golden rule: never divulge to someone that you’re flying solo. Solo travel is all about embracing independence while staying safe, and you certainly don’t want to broadcast to a stranger that you’re on your own.

I’ve encountered my fair share of inquisitive folks on the road, and my usual go-to response is: “I have friends and family here.” 

No need to get into the nitty-gritty of personal details. As for revealing lodging details, I keep it vague and say something like, “near downtown” or “near the airport.” 

It’s all about safeguarding your info!

2. Confirm Your Date’s Identity Before Meeting Up

When it comes to meeting someone from a dating app, I’ve got a little trick up my sleeve—I’m all about using the video call feature. I want to ensure that they are the same person who posted those carefully curated pics.

Plus, there’s something about hearing their voice and seeing their face that gives you a real read on their vibe. It is far better than a text message.

If the vibe is off, or things get weird during the call, I usually pump the brakes on taking things further in person. Use your gift of discernment for sure!

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3. Meet Up In Public During The Day

If I agree to meet someone in person who I’ve met online, I always choose an early-day meet-up for coffee or breakfast at a well-known public place with a lot of people around. 

Daytime meet-ups are the best option to be safe and continue your day in peace. Just don’t let your guard down. On the contrary, a nighttime meet-up may lead to happy hour drinks, which can open the door to unsafe circumstances for a solo female traveler.


Always keep your loved ones updated about your location and details about your travel. It is also important to let them know if you decided to meet up with someone. Be sure to include who they are and where you are going. After going on the date, don’t forget to check back in with your friend or family member.

In the end, dating while traveling as a boss babe has taught me the importance of balancing adventure and safety. By following these tips and trusting my intuition, I’ve navigated the dating world with confidence. I hope these insights serve you well on your own romantic journeys. Here’s to love, adventure, and staying safe out there!

Editor’s Note: This is story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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