The ‘Hot List’: Wellness Products We Loved In September!

Discover the latest wellness treasures that crossed our editor's desks in September 2023.

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In today’s world, we are all on the constant search for peace and balance. At BrownStyle Magazine, we believe that self-care and wellness is the key to resetting and rejuvenating.

Last month, our editors (and media friends) tested several wellness products designed to help make soft living more achievable. From soothing candles to an innovative wellness app designed to cycle-sync your workouts, take a look at the products that landed on our desks and earned a spot on our HOT LIST for September 2023.

Tweety Elitou, Editor-in-Chief


“I’m taking my fitness goals into the new season! As a fan of fitness gear, I love to find items that elevate my workout routine. I’ve recently added POWERHANDZ POWERFIT Training Gloves to my collection. These weighted gloves are designed to improve strength and athletic performance. I liked how the foam gel in the gloves protected my hands from workout calluses and workout blisters.

If you want to level up your routine, I suggest getting the bundle. It comes with the gloves, along with resistance bands, sliding discs, a backpack, and a limited-edition wristband.”

Spoken Flames | ‘Thankful’ Candle 🤎

“During this time of the year, I love to light a candle and snuggle up with a good book during my downtime. It creates such a chill vibe. I’ve been enjoying the sweet smells of the Thankful Candle, which features distinct notes of fresh ginger, star anise, and sweet butternut squash. It smells delicious!”

Prevail Clothing | Pink & Yellow Tie Dye Athletic Set 🤎

“In my opinion, fitness attire should be fun and bring joy to your workout experience. It should inspire you to ace your workout goals. Lately, I’ve been loving bright and colorful athletic looks like this Pink & Yellow Tie Dye Athletic Set from Prevail. It’s so cutesy!”

Emerald Elitou, Creative Director 

28 App

“If you’ve been on the wellness side of social media lately, you’re probably already in the loop about the newest trend that’s been rocking the fitness world: cycle-syncing your workouts. And guess what? I’ve jumped right on the bandwagon!

Known as the world’s first-ever cycle-based fitness and wellness platform, the 28 App allows me to track my cycle and suggests workouts perfectly matched to my current phase. It’s like having my very own wellness wizard, perfectly in tune with my natural rhythm.”

Seed To Surf | Mushroom Snow Crab

“While I’m not strictly vegan, I’m constantly exploring healthier alternatives to some of my beloved food choices. Recently, I tried Seed To Surf’s Mushroom Snow Crab. It boasts just four simple ingredients: enoki mushrooms, sunflower oil, sea salt, and seaweed. It was fantastic!”

Fre | Alcohol-Removed Sauvignon Blanc

“I’ve been counting down the days until Autumn. It’s one of my favorite times of the year because it offers the wonderful opportunity to get cozy and embrace all things pumpkin spice and apple cider.

At the top of the season, I decided to make a non-alcoholic Fall Sangria. I opted for Fre’s Alcohol-Removed Sauvignon Blanc and paired it with Mott’s Hot Apple Cider, which can be enjoyed either hot or cold. To create an extra layer of flavor, I followed a suggestion to mix in some Ginger Ale. Let me tell you, it was a tremendous hit at Sunday brunch.”

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Sisi Elitou, Jr. Editorial Assistant  

Arbonne | EssentialMeal Meal Replacement Protein Shake

“I often find myself not feeling hungry in the morning, but we all know that breakfast is essential. That’s why I’ve been gradually incorporating breakfast into my routine with Arbonne’s EssentialMeal Meal Replacement Protein Shake. It has become my go-to morning choice. This protein shake strikes the perfect balance—it’s thick enough to keep me satisfied for hours without leaving me with a sluggish feeling throughout the day. It’s my new secret to having breakfast without the hassle. I’m looking forward to trying the vanilla flavor soon!”

Mott’s | Mighty Honeycrisp Apple Applesauce

“Throughout the day, it’s only natural to experience a little hunger. When I’m looking for a healthy alternative to satisfy my midday cravings, I’ve recently been reaching for Mott’s Mighty Honeycrisp Apple Applesauce. What’s even better now is that it’s enriched with added fiber and contains no extra sugar. This makes it my ideal go-to snack that is guilt-free and delicious.”

UE FITS by Ultimate Ears | Custom-Fit True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 

“I love music! There is almost never a moment when you’ll catch me without my earbuds listening to one of the many playlists that I’ve created on Spotify. Music helps me enter a peaceful mindset—except for when the cord on my headphones gets in the way. I’ve recently fallen in love with the UE FITS Custom-Fit True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds because I can enjoy any task or hobby without worrying about a cord at all. It’s a game-changer!”

Erika Pisano, Beauty & Wellness Writer

Stanley | Quencher 2.0 Tumbler 40 oz. 

“Drinking enough water throughout the day is something we all need to be mindful of. I recently decided to splurge on the Stanley Quencher 2.0 Tumbler 40 oz., and it did not disappoint. I bring this cup with me everywhere and the recycled stainless steel keeps my water nice and cold all day.

I make it a goal to refill this tumbler at least three times a day and it really keeps me on track. Its spill-safe lid and slim bottom design allow me to bring it in the car with me, so that’s a big bonus. Plus, the gorgeous rose quartz color creates a stylish aesthetic.”

Jailynn Taylor, Beauty & Fashion Writer

Pukka | Organic Herbal Relax Tea

“I’m usually more of an ice coffee or Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino type of girl, but as the temperature has begun to drop, I find I keep reaching for Pukka’s Organic Herbal Relax Tea. This chamomile fennel and marshmallow root tea makes me feel calm and nostalgic. It’s a great ritual to start and end my days with.”

Moon Juice | Magnesi-Om

“If I’m not drinking tea, I’m drinking Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om. As the name states, it’s formulated with three different types of magnesium and L-theanine, which support relaxation and cognitive function. It’s also a great supplement for keeping me regular (if you know what I mean). I feel so much lighter after just one glass, and it’s a great mood booster.”

Better Homes & Gardens | Soft Cashmere Amber Candle

“I have been buying this candle for the last eight years around Fall time, and I just recently went and stocked up on a dozen of these Soft Cashmere Amber Candles. It’s such a warm and comforting scent that reminds me of home. It’s not too sweet or intense, making it perfect for a good daily burn. The scent even permeates when it’s not burning!”

Editor’s Note: This is story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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