Jess Curves Unveils The Best Winter Fashion Trends For Women With Curves!

See the fashion trends the plus-size fashion expert predicts will continue to take the winter season by storm. Plus, see the fashionable pieces you can shop on Amazon today!

Winter 2024 Fashion Trends
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Jess Curves believes that winter weather is the perfect season for curvaceous women to show off their fashion flair. According to the plus-size fashion expert, the winter may be all about cozy sweaters and heavy coats, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise style when layering up to stay warm. 

“I’m excited about the winter trends for plus-size women in 2024,” she shares with BrownStyle Magazine exclusively, noting the rise of power suits, coats, and even shoulder pads. “It’s all about tailored and structured looks, instead of the oversized blazers that don’t offer plus-size women much balance to complement their curves.”


Jess Curves is a plus-size content creator who cultivated a loyal audience of women who look to her for style advice. In a world where plus-size women are often an afterthought, Jess uses her down-to-earth approach to fashion to create popular content across several platforms.

Jess notes the combination of classic comfort and cozy sophistication spotted on the runways of New York Fashion Week and other international runways. Ahead, see the trends Jess says will continue to take the winter season by storm. (Plus, see the fashionable pieces you can shop on Amazon today!)

Lots Of Leather 

Quilter leather jackets, leather trench coats, and leather shearlings are having a huge moment this season. “This year, leather is a hit,” she says, noting the popularity of brands getting creative with their designs. “A long trench coat is super flattering on thicker bodies.”

Stylish Sweaters 

It’s important to wear the right knit in the colder months. Jess recommends staying away from fuzzy knits and instead opting for more investment pieces like cashmere.

When styling a sweater, Jess suggests pairing oversized sweaters with well-fitted, high-waisted jeans or skirts to create a balanced silhouette that flatters curves while keeping you warm. 

Light (And Stylish) Layering

While it may be tempting to layer with cozy knits, sometimes you have to dial it back. “In the winter, I like to layer with pieces that have thin fabric so that they won’t add much bulk to my look. In my opinion, you run the risk of looking bulky and uncomfortable with too much layering,” Jess adds.

For example: Consider wearing a pair of leggings with a crew neck tee and an opened white button-down. “Then add a khaki trench coat, a classic scarf, a pair of hoop earrings, and a cute hat. That’s all the layering you need to make a fashionable statement!” 

Red Hot Colors For The Season 

The color red has carried over from the holiday season and currently setting the fashion world on fire. Before you run out to shop for new red looks, Jess cautions us all to be easy. 

“Don’t go changing over your wardrobe to the one color. Instead, incorporate these colors with what you currently have in your closet,” she tells us, adding nudes, greens, and black are also popular colors in 2024.  

The Detroit native recommends incorporating trendy colors into your style with accessories. “Don’t forget that lipstick is also an accessory,” she reminds us. “A classic red lipstick looks great on any skin color.” 

Accessories That Make A Statement

Accessories can make or break an outfit, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from bold pieces that command attention. Jess believes that plus-sized women can’t go wrong with the current chunky jewelry trend that will instantly make your outfit “pop.” 

Another accessory essential is a good belt. Jess suggests sticking to the basic colors like black and brown. “I have an hourglass shape with a belly so I stick to belts that are narrow and skinny. They look great with a sweater dress,” she reveals.

As for purses, you can’t go wrong with a crossbody or tote for everyday wear. For the girls with a fuller chest, Jess offers the following style advice: “If you buy a purse with a detachable strap, you can easily purchase your new straps on Amazon if you have a problem with the fit. Just make sure that the purse you buy has a detachable strap.”

Bold Prints And Playful Patterns 

Just like with implementing new colors, Jess suggests that you start light with the current print and pattern trend. To tap into the fun trend, Jess recommends starting with a scarf or rocking a floral blouse paired with solid-colored pants. 

“Start small with prints and patterns until you are more comfortable expressing your style through mixing and matching them,” she suggests. “If you can’t wear it several ways or incorporate it into your wardrobe, then you probably shouldn’t buy it. Instead, save yourself some money and go buy a latte!”

Fly Boots And Booties

Boots are a Fall/Winter staple! However, it’s not always easy to enjoy boot shopping when you have wide calves. “Listen, it’s a challenge finding a boot that is truly wide calf and stylish,” Jess shares about her boot shopping experiences. “I’ve been on that journey and capturing it all on social media.”

When looking for boots that complement her style, she turns to the versatility of booties. “They are my go-to’s because I never have to worry about them fitting over my legs,” she shares, letting us know her shoe-shopping secret. 

A Good, Good Bra

Don’t be afraid to go into stores and get sized! A good bra for a curvy girl can make or break an outfit. 

Jess recommends shopping for a push-up bra with a plunge for low-cut tops and dresses. She also suggests getting your hands on a lightly lined t-shirt bra that’s gonna get you through the week without discomfort. “You want to get one that’s full coverage with a lift,” she concludes. 

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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