BrownStyle Magazine’s Small Business Spotlight: Souled Out Aromas

Souled Out Aromas intentionally uses scents that correlate with certain moods and emotions to set their brand apart.

BrownStyle Magazine’s Small Business Spotlight: Souled Out Aromas
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BrownStyle Magazine is proud to introduce our new initiative that shines the spotlight on small businesses owned by Women of Color (WOC) and People of Color (POC)— a community that often has limited resources to promote their businesses in today’s highly competitive industries. 

Join us every Saturday to meet the founders who are building their up-and-coming brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries one sale at a time. Experience their unique backstory, the inspiration behind their startup, and even find out the brand’s bestselling item that you can shop today! 

This Week’s Small Business Spotlight 

Souled Out Aromas

Location: Chester, PA

The Brand Story

Khalif and Zanae Polk are a husband and wife team who began making non-toxic candles in 2021 when they attended a class and fell in love with the experience. “We got ourselves an at-home candle-making kit and we began to make candles for our friends and family,” the couple shares.

As time passed, they began to get more creative with their passion and started their business, Souled Out Aromas. Realizing the power and the benefits of aromatherapy as it relates to mood, expression, and emotions, the Polks set out to create products to uplift moods, promote self-care, and celebrate special events in life.

What Makes Souled Out Aromas A Small Business To Shop

Souled Out Aromas intentionally uses scents that correlate with certain moods and emotions to set their brand apart. If you need something to keep you focused while you get stuff done, they have a candle for that. If you need something to remind you to indulge in self-care, they have that too! 

“We use certain words and phrases that are relatable,” the couple explains about the process of creating candles that uplift the mind, body, and soul. “By doing so it contributes to the Souled Out Aromas experience, which is essentially what we want our customers to have.”

Souled Out Aromas’ Bestselling Items

HER Candles

$16 – $40 

HER is the ultimate feminine candle. The soft floral scents of lilac, honeysuckle, and jasmine blend perfectly with the undertones of sparkling citrus and powdery musk to create a soft and airy scent that fills up the room. Picture a woman drinking a mimosa while overlooking the southern coast of Spain— that’s HER! 

What’s Next For Souled Out Aromas

In the future, the Polks plan to make Souled Out Aromas available in upscale boutiques, beauty salons, coffee shops, and more. 

How To Support

To be a part of their story and help them continue to grow, check out their website at Remember, one purchase from a small business could change someone’s life! Also, give them a follow on Instagram.

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