How To Decorate Your Home (And Office) With Artwork That Speaks To Your Soul

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Purchasing art for your home or office can be intimidating, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Searching for new art for your space should be an exciting adventure that allows you to explore your style and interests.

As an art enthusiast and owner of Milton Wes Art— an online art retailer located in Harlem, NY— I cannot tell you how many people I’ve helped find beautiful artwork that not only brightened up their space but also spoke to their taste and preference.

At the top of the year, you may have been one of the many people who decided to remix their home (and office) in 2024. I love that for you! And while you make good on your goal, I highly suggest bringing life to the walls of your space with art that speaks to your soul.

To help you find artwork that warms your heart, I’ve listed my top things to keep in mind before purchasing your new masterpiece.

Start By Knowing The Dimensions

Before shopping for a new piece, examine the dimensions of the space where the artwork will be displayed. This will make it easier to find a space that perfectly complements your home or office.


Larger rooms provide themselves with bold artwork as an eye-catching centerpiece in an open living area, while smaller pieces would work better in a small office or cozy bedroom.

Consider Your Space’s Aesthetic

Do you lean towards a modern, minimalist style or are you more interested in a more traditional, rustic look? Before shopping for your new masterpiece, think about the overall aesthetic of your interior. The artwork you choose should complement the existing decor and contribute to the overall ambiance of the space.

Identify Your Artistic Preference

Next, think about the kinds of artwork that speak to your style and align with the values you hold. Do you find yourself drawn to politically charged artwork that makes a statement? Do you find peace in serene landscapes? Or perhaps abstract pieces instantly spark your imagination? It’s all your choice. Just make sure it fits your vibes.

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Know The Inspiration And Backstory

Art has the magical ability to start a conversation, storytelling, and most importantly reflect the overall vibe of your space. While it’s not necessary to have a personal connection to the artist, it can add a special layer of meaning to your purchase.

Learning about the artist’s background, inspiration, and creative journey can deepen your appreciation for the artwork and create a unique bond between you and the piece.

Find Art That Speaks To Your Soul

Lastly, the artwork you have on display in your home should have a backstory. Look for art that connects with you on an intellectual or emotional level, whether it’s through the artist’s journey, a historical account, or a personal connection you make with the work itself. A great work of art will draw numerous compliments along with meaningful conversations.

If you’re concerned about where to find the ideal art for your home, no worries. There are plenty of online art marketplaces, neighborhood galleries, and even up-and-coming artists on social media platforms that offer a vast selection of artwork to peruse. 

Check out BrownStyle’s favorites at Milton Wes Art. Happy shopping!

Photo Courtesy of Milton Wes Art
Photo Courtesy of Milton Wes Art

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