Candle Con: Support BIPOC Candle Makers At This Year’s Debut Event!

The shopping event makes its debut on May 5th in Philadelphia, PA.

Candle Con Philadelphia Event
Photo courtesy of All Black Everything Pop-Up

If you enjoy the warmth, scent, and overall calmness of candles, then you are in for an amazing treat. Candle Con is making its debut on May 5th in Philadelphia, PA, and it promises to be lit!

“It was on my spirit to create Candle Con,” Meeka Johnson, founder of All Black Everything Pop-Up tells BrownStyle Magazine exclusively about the inspiration behind her latest project. “Whenever I go to vending events up and down the East Coast, there are so many dope Black candlemakers. I don’t know of a place where all Black candlemakers can sell their items together, so I founded Candle Con to do just that.”

According to Johnson, Candle Con is more than just an event—it’s an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the talents and craftsmanship of Black and Brown entrepreneurs in the candle-making industry. With a mission to promote their brands and nurture the candle community, Candle Con is all about unity and collaboration.

“Candle Con is not just about candles,” Johnson explains about the event designed to expand the reach of small up-and-coming businesses. “It’s about creating a brave space where creators can come together, share their passion, and bask in the glow of mutual support. It’s in God’s plan. Once you understand the power of light, you will understand how spiritual candles are.”

This year’s Candle Con, hosted by lifestyle enthusiast Brittni, will feature a live DJ, photo activations, workshops, wine/beverages, free goodies, and great energy. There are also two restaurants on the premises, parking, and security. 

While this Candle Con is just the first, Johnson’s ambitiously plans to expand to other markets. She also hopes to continue the expansion All Black Everything’s live shopping show on Instagram. “We have workshops planned in the future for small businesses, and we are always looking for sponsors and speakers to enhance the value of the event,” Johnson adds.

Candle Con takes place on May 5th from 12-6 pm at Location 215 in Philadelphia, PA— just in time for Mother’s Day. To shop amazing national BIPOC candle companies and support small local businesses, purchase your tickets on Black Soul Summer.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.