Meet Elaine Allen-Landy, The Oldest Miss Universe Jamaica Contestant [Interview]

Find out how the 59-year-old beauty is using the opportunity to uplift and inspire women of all ages. Plus, learn her secrets to staying fit and fabulous!

Meet Elaine Allen-Landy, The Oldest Contestant Of The Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant
Photos courtesy of Elaine Allen-Landy

For Elaine Allen-Landy, entering the 2024 Miss Universe Jamaica pageant at 59 was an opportunity to share her body positive message to the world. 

Dressed in an eye-catching green bikini and nude platform stilettos, the certified health and wellness coach strutted down the runway with style and grace while making history as the oldest contestant in the Miss Universe Jamaica pageant. [ICYMI: In 2023, Miss Universe removed its age limit and opened the door for adult women of all ages to participate.]

While most were in awe of her fit physique as she sashayed on stage, Allen-Landy says she was laser-focused on using the moment to break barriers and redefine societal beauty standards. 

Meet Elaine Allen-Landy, The Oldest Contestant Of The Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant
Photo courtesy of Elaine Allen-Landy

“My participation in the Miss Universe Jamaica pageant is a public statement. At 59, standing on that stage is a way to challenge the conventional norms of beauty and age that often go unchallenged,” Allen-Landy tells BrownStyle Magazine in an exclusive interview shortly after securing her spot as a finalist. “I hope to shine a light on the fact that beauty doesn’t have a ‘best before’ date and to encourage a broader, more inclusive definition of beauty that celebrates diversity in all its forms, age included.”

Affectionately known as the ageless athlete—a title she happily shares with her husband Morace Landy— the busy mom and grandmother also took pride in the idea of inspiring other women to reach for their dreams.

“If my presence can inspire even a handful of people to step outside their comfort zones and pursue their passions, regardless of their age or the stereotypes society has placed on them, then I’ve contributed to a much-needed conversation about inclusivity and beauty in our culture,” she adds.

According to Allen-Landy, it wasn’t until she became one of the 33 contestants to advance to the next level that the significance of what she was doing sank in. 

“Winning this title would be a victory for everyone who has ever felt limited by societal labels or their doubts,” she insists. “I want to leave a legacy where beauty is boundless and age is just an inspiring number.”

Making Her-Story

Not only is Allen-Landy making history as the oldest contestant, but she is also seizing her growing popularity as an opportunity to promote body positivity and inspire her Instagram followers to fully embrace the beauty of their bodies. 

“Being transparent with my followers about my stretch marks and cellulite is incredibly important to me,” she reveals. “I spent years feeling ashamed of these natural marks, which have been with me since my teenage years. Then one day, it clicked: these marks aren’t flaws; they’re a part of my story and they add to my unique beauty. I realized that if I could shift how I see myself, perhaps I could inspire others to do the same. There are so many women out there who might be battling the same insecurities. By embracing and showcasing my own, I hope to encourage others to do the same.”

Navigating The Pageant World

While the pageant world comes with a long list of learning curves for pageant contestants of any age, Allen-Landy admits that her biggest challenge was mastering her strut in 6-inch stilettos. 

“Honestly, I think every woman should take a class on how to walk and stand in these. I’m convinced it’s a skill all its own,” she shares with a chuckle. “It’s been a bit of a comedic scene, trying to perfect that elegant pageant turn and poised stance. These younger contestants seem to have it down to a science, while I’m over here putting in double, even triple time to keep up! I’ve had my share of stumbles, but hey, it’s all about taking it in stride… or should I say, in heels!”

Living The Soft Life

When the multi-talented coach is not perfecting her pageant walk and spending quality time with her family, the self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie is skydiving and traveling with her husband. 

To help her stay grounded with her busy lifestyle, Allen-Landy says she commits to work-life balance and daily meditation to start each day with a clear and focused mind. She also turns to spending quality time with her loved ones to stay happy and connected. 

“Whether we’re cooking, playing, or just talking, these moments are precious and ground me in the beauty of family life,” she notes.

After developing a love for working out in her college years, the fitness enthusiast hasn’t turned back. So much so that daily workouts with her husband have become a huge part of her soft life routine. 

Meet Elaine Allen-Landy, The Oldest Contestant Of The Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant
Photo courtesy of Tamara Fleming (New Jersey portrait, headshot and branding photographer-

“Together, we’ve discovered that working out isn’t just good for our health—it’s a fantastic way to have fun and stay connected. Whether we’re lifting weights or going for walks, every session is a chance to laugh, support each other, and grow stronger together both physically and emotionally,” she enthusiastically shares.

The couple, who celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary last September, use social media to inspire others to stay active. 

“We love sharing snippets of these workouts with our community, hoping to show other couples, especially those in their 50s and 60s, that it’s never too late to start,” she shares, noting working out is a great opportunity to reconnect with those you love. “Through my platform, I encourage couples to find activities they both enjoy. It’s about turning fitness into a shared hobby rather than a chore.”

Her Advice For Embracing Fitness Over 50

As a health and wellness professional, Allen-Landy emphasizes the importance of embracing fitness as a vital part of your everyday lifestyle. That’s why she challenges the fitness misconceptions that it’s too late to start exercising over 50.

Meet Elaine Allen-Landy, The Oldest Contestant Of The Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant
Photo courtesy of Elaine Allen-Landy

“Starting or continuing an exercise regimen can dramatically enhance strength, flexibility, and heart health, no matter when you begin,” she reminds us. “One of the most critical areas I emphasize is strength training. It’s a misconception that older adults should avoid weight-bearing exercises due to the risk of injury. In reality, strength training is essential for women over 50 because it helps counteract the muscle loss and bone density decrease that naturally occur with aging. Engaging in regular strength training can significantly improve posture, metabolism, and independence, while also reducing the risk of falls and fractures.”

Meet Elaine Allen-Landy, The Oldest Contestant Of The Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant
Photo courtesy of Elaine Allen-Landy

For those inspired to get started on their wellness journey, but not sure where to start, the health and wellness coach offers the following advice: get started! She personally suggests starting with a walking routine. 

“Just grab a good pair of sneakers and you’re set,” she shares. “To give your walks a bit more structure, consider timed walking. For example, start with just 10 minutes a day. Each week, try adding a little more time, say 5 minutes until you’re up to 30 minutes or more. You can also make it more interesting by adding interval walks at your normal pace for 2 minutes, then pick up the speed for a minute, and repeat.”

Allen-Landy also suggests finding an accountability partner. 

“This could be a friend, a family member, or even a neighbor who has similar health goals. Having someone to share your progress with can make a huge difference. It’s not only more fun to have company, but it also keeps you motivated on those days when you might feel like skipping your walk. Remember, the most important thing is to just get started and keep it simple. Over time, as you build confidence and stamina, you can explore other activities. The key is consistency, so find what you enjoy, make it a part of your routine, and stick with it,” she concludes.

FYI: Miss Universe Jamaica 2024 will be crowned on July 6 at this year’s Grand Coronation Finals. In November, Miss Universe Jamaica 2024 will compete for the 73rd Miss Universe title in Mexico.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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