Miasha Talks Movies, Massages, And Building A Media Empire!

We spoke to the executive producer about her latest film, how she lives the soft life, and more! 

Miasha Coleman, Secret Society
Photos courtesy of Miasha's Instagram (@miashaofficial)

Miasha Coleman is a prime example of work hard, play harder. With a quick scroll on Instagram, it’s quite obvious that the multi-hyphenate entrepreneur is enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Whether she’s trying delicious foods from around the world or luxuriating on the “Dior” yacht that she purchased for her husband on his birthday, the mother-of-two has a permanent place on our mood boards. Yet, what often goes unseen is Miasha’s hard work ethic that paved the way to her fabulous soft life!

Let us fill you in. Miasha quickly rose to popularity with the release of her first book, Secret Society in 2006, which opened up the public to the secret world of two transgender women who stopped at nothing to live a fast-paced, glamorous life. 

“At that time, it was so underworld— especially in the Black urban community. I felt like if I could get the real authentic story behind people that live this kind of lifestyle, then maybe I could make it where it’s not taboo,” the bestselling author shares with BrownStyle Magazine about the inspiration behind the trilogy that’s received an outpouring of support from the LGBTQIA+ community. “I think it was God putting that on my heart to bring that story to light. Sometimes God uses us to do what he wants us to do here on earth.”

After writing several books for the series, Miasha made her big debut in the world of film in 2021 when she independently turned Secret Society into a screenplay.  

When we spoke to Miasha in January, it was hot on the heels of the launch of her new movie, Secret Society 3: ‘Til DeathIn her words, she was “overjoyed” and ultimately thankful for the outpouring of love and support she received from those who jumped at the opportunity to support her latest endeavor. 

“I get so emotional when I read the positive reviews and comments because I personally believe in these projects and I put a lot of work into them. I love it when they start breaking down how it impacted their life in a way. It’s a feeling I just can’t put into words,” the executive producer shares with enthusiasm. 

When news broke that the West Philadelphia native was dropping her third movie, it started quite a buzz on social media. It really gained traction when Miasha took to Instagram with behind-the-scenes videos of the movie’s Atlanta premiere which featured a life-sized airplane, a star-studded red carpet, and fabulous photo-worthy moments. 

Even with all the excitement around the launch, the big day came with its challenges. On the day of the launch, Miasha took to Instagram to let her fans know that Amazon Prime was experiencing some form of “glitch” that was challenging viewers’ ability to stream the movie. 

While some may have panicked, Miasha and her team sprang into action to ensure that her loyal fans— who planned watch parties— could enjoy the flick on launch day. In hours, the team was able to quickly create a website to stream the movie.

“It was a very crazy opening day for us. I didn’t know which way it would go— would it help me or hurt me? I just stayed the course and came up with a solution. Thank God, it ended up helping me,” she shared, noting just minutes before our conversation the movie was available to watch on Amazon Prime. “That’s why I’m overjoyed. It’s finally available the way it was supposed to be. And it’s a good feeling to know that I was able to still deliver something to the fans who’ve been waiting anxiously for the movie’s release.” 

The filmmaker credits her humble background for her ability to pivot and push harder when faced with challenges. “I come from very, very humble beginnings. And I think when you come from situations where your back is against the wall, you really don’t have a choice but to go forward. For me, whenever I feel like my back is against the wall that pushes me to go even harder,” she passionately shares.

Although her dedication to hard work has granted her a life of leisure that doesn’t stop the successful entrepreneur from putting on her best stilettos and getting to work on making her dreams a reality. 

Miasha is currently working on her 4th movie and that’s only the tip of the iceberg for the Miami resident who has big plans to expand her media empire with the help of her husband, Rich Coleman.

“He’s been my partner for so many years,” she gushes. “We became boyfriend-girlfriend as teens, and it’s been just us ever since. I’m so used to having him at my side. Even with the books, it was always him right there— my number one supporter— in the trenches with me doing whatever was necessary. So with the movies, I knew he was going to be my right-hand man.”

Although the dynamic duo, who recently celebrated their 28th anniversary, always work together, Miasha was most impressed by her husband’s ability to navigate the unexpected turns that came with producing a big-budget film. 

“It’s really tough doing a movie with so many people and moving parts. It’s a lot of different emotions and a lot of different stressful situations. Everything is heightened,” she notes, before praising her husband for being able to navigate last-minute changes in production. “He really, really, really stepped up to the plate to make sure that I’m able to do this. I really gained a whole new level of respect for him as my partner.”

When we asked her secret to success, she proudly emphasized the importance of having a support system. For couples who may want to work together, she offers the following advice. “Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Whatever their weakness is, don’t expect them to become strengths. Know what they’re capable of doing, and only expect those things out of them. That way, there’s no friction or frustration. Also, try to find balance, especially when you’re working with your spouse or your mate. It’s easy to have work be a part of every conversation, but you have to remember that y’all are still a couple too. You still need to be able to have moments where it’s just enjoying each other’s company. Not always about work or business,” she advises. 

She also credits work-life balance to her success, which she makes a priority in her life. 

“Going to the movies is our therapy,” she tells us about the wellness routine she shares with her hubby. “They know us at the movie theater. We go there like two, three times a week, so they know our orders and everything,” she shares with a chuckle. 

She adds, “We like to go out to eat out all the time. And we also love massages! We just put the work to the side and become present with each other. That’s our thing.”

Miasha is currently working on her next movie project, brainstorming ideas for BET+, and putting down the building blocks to own her own studio. “I want to open up a studio on a grand scale, similar to how Tyler Perry did it. At Miasha Productions, we want to impact the industry and collaborate with other storytellers,” she concludes.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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