Tia Mowry Reveals Her Ways To Wellness: Hot Baths, Self-Care Routines, And More!

We spoke to the busy mom about how she finds bliss. 

Tia Mowry Way To Wellness
Photos courtesy of Tia Mowry | Design by BrownStyle Magazine

Wellness is a deeply personal journey, shaped by individual interpretations. Creative Director Emerald Elitou created the series ‘Ways To Wellness’ as a way to highlight professional women who use self-care practices to nurture their mind, body, and soul. Hopefully, this candid conversation with Tia Mowry inspires you to create your own self-care and wellness rituals.

Tia Mowry never lets her busy lifestyle interfere with her wellness routines. The accomplished actress, entrepreneur, and mother of two often takes to social media to show how she prioritizes her well-being and has quickly become an advocate for women — especially moms — to find time to practice their self-care rituals. 

“Self-care is so important because it’s the very thing that allows you to refuel and love yourself,” Mowry tells BrownStyle Magazine. “I prioritize making sure that wellness is always part of my schedule. We are so used to scheduling birthday parties, parent-teacher conferences, et cetera – so why can’t we schedule some time for ourselves? Even if it’s just five minutes.”

We couldn’t agree more. Words cannot begin to explain the feeling of pure bliss we all feel when we’re able to indulge in a self-care moment without any interruptions. You know the feeling, that moment when your shoulders drop and your mind feels completely at peace.

Unfortunately, most women admit that they are unable to keep up their self-care and wellness routines. This especially affects busy moms whose “me-time” is only possible after their children settle in for bedtime. 

In a world that constantly demands attention and energy, Mowry’s approach to self-care is refreshing. Through her inspirational videos, we’re reminded that self-care is not just a luxury, but it’s a vital investment in wellness. 

For the mother of two, her way to wellness starts with self-care, intentionality, and the willingness to nurture her physical, mental, and emotional health amid life’s demands. 

During the day, some of her favorite ways to reconnect with herself include clean eating, float therapy, meditation, and journaling. In the evening, Mowry happily unwinds with a relaxing bath with “all the works” including candles, salts, bath bombs, and bubbles.

When it comes to facing mental roadblocks and unexpected obstacles in her wellness journey, she says she has no problem embracing the moment and hitting the mental reset button when necessary. 

“Embrace the obstacles,” Mowry advises those who may experience setbacks in their wellness goals. “Have an awareness and acceptance that these things will be present in life. Once you have awareness, you’re able to have a little more understanding, which can help you pivot to solutions.”

As far as getting back to her center goes, she personally likes to take back her power with a trip to the spa, a workout class, traveling, or spending time with her kids. 

“I am very intentional about creating a space in my life that is all about joy and happiness. I am making it a habit to live in that space,” she reveals. “I do this every day by choosing five things that make me happy and focusing on doing those things daily. Often those things include meditating, spending time with my children, nourishing my body with healthy food, and unwinding with a bath and glass of wine!”

Mowry’s dedication to wellness serves as a reminder that our bodies and minds deserve deliberate care. Whether it’s the mindful choices in nourishment, the tranquility of meditation, or the freedom found in a spa getaway, she underscores the importance of finding personal rituals that rejuvenate and heal. 

Her words also echo the sentiment that by centering ourselves, we cultivate the resilience needed to navigate the challenges that come our way.

“When I’m walking in my truth, doing what truly serves me and what makes me feel good—that’s when I find peace, joy, and happiness,” she concludes.

FYI: September is Self-Care Awareness Month. This is your gentle reminder to prioritize your well-being. We challenge you to find something simple you can do for yourself that brings you bliss. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but the overall goal is to pour into yourself. 

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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