Travel Essentials You Need To Start 2024 On The Move!

Consider gifting yourself these items before the new year!

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It’s hard to believe that 2024 is only days away. Now that you’ve wrapped up your holiday shopping for others, it’s time to start planning your vision board and aligning things for the new year. If you’re anything like us, travel and exploration are amongst your biggest goals.

To help you make your dreams a reality, we created this list of travel must-haves to shop before booking your trips in the new year. Consider these items rewards for all you did this year!

eagle creek | Cargo Hauler Duffel Bag

When agility is everything, this duffle bag answers the call. Skip the wait at baggage claim with this carry-on that features compliant dimensions, tuckaway backpack straps, and water-resistant fabric. Such a must-have!

Subtl Stak | Ready Set Go Deluxe Set

Any beauty enthusiast knows how important it is to pack your makeup and beauty tools properly. For your packing ease, this set features everything you need to look your best on vacation—including a compact stack of concealer, lip balm, shine control powder, and lip & cheek. The TSA-approved, carry-on cosmetic bag also comes with a dry brush cleanser and a 4-piece brush set for flawless application.

Melanin Hair Care | Signature Line Travel Kit (Limited Edition)

Keep your hair strong and healthy while traveling the world! Housed in an exclusive custom waterproof drawstring canvas travel bag, this kit features the brand’s Signature Collection of hair must-haves in flight-approved 3.4oz containers for your overall convenience.

eagle creek | The Silk Undercover™ Neck Wallet

When traveling, especially abroad, keeping your passport and paperwork close is crucial. This hide-away soft-neck wallet allows you to keep your passport, credit cards, personal identification, and other items safe under your clothing and out of sight.

Black Girl Sunscreen | Make It Spice (Limited Edition)

Protecting your skin while traveling is essential! To maintain your natural glow throughout the year, try this SPF 30 face lotion and body spray that’s made for our melanin-rich skin. It is ideal for Fall/Winter travel because it is infused with pumpkin extract and spices. Hello, dewy finish without white residue!

NIVEA MEN | Deep Clean & Comfort Kit

Are you traveling with a spouse? Make sure he has everything he needs to stay fresh and clean with this kit that includes full-size bottles of Active Clean Body Wash, Deep Cleansing Beard and Face Wash, Deep Clean Shaving Gel, and Comforting Post Shave Lotion. As a bonus, these grooming essentials come in a reusable toiletry bag.

Sabre | Wedge Door Stop Alarm

Safety will always be a top priority when traveling. To feel safe while staying at a hotel, insert this battery-operated security door stop beneath your door. Anytime pressure is applied to the door stop, it will produce a loud, clear alarm sound that instantly grabs your attention.

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