BrownStyle Magazine’s Small Business Spotlight: Accented Glory

Tonya Cross created a line of accessories that are natural hair friendly. Find out more about this small business on the rise!

BrownStyle Magazine’s Small Business Spotlight: Accented Glory
Photos courtesy of Tonya Cross

BrownStyle Magazine is proud to introduce our new initiative that shines the spotlight on small businesses owned by Women of Color (WOC) and People of Color (POC)— a community that often has limited resources to promote their businesses in today’s highly competitive industries. 

Join us every Saturday to meet the founders building their up-and-coming brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries one sale at a time. Experience their unique backstory, the inspiration behind their startup, and even find out the brand’s bestselling item that you can shop today! 

This Week’s Small Business Spotlight 

Accented Glory

Location: Salisbury, NC

Accented Glory owner Tonya Cross
Photos courtesy of Tonya Cross

The Brand Story

When Tonya Cross created Accented Glory, she affirms that it was out of need. “When I returned to wearing my hair natural in 2001, I was unable to find hair accessories that were natural hair friendly,” she tells BrownStyle Magazine exclusively. “I’ve been creating things by hand since childhood, so one of my friends suggested that I make my own hair accessories, and I did.”

Her lovely handmade designs began to catch the attention of others, which ultimately sparked the interest of people who wanted to purchase her decorative creations. Fastforward to today, her online business is booming on Amazon’s Handmade platform!

Accented Glory’s Bestselling Item

Cowrie Wooden Earrings


Meticulously crafted with wood, cowrie shells, and nickel-free hardware, these lightweight earrings exude a unique blend of cultural heritage and contemporary fashion. The cowrie shells attached to the design have African roots and portrays a message of respect, honor, and inspiration. The spiral on the wooden part is a symbol for creation and growth.

Accented Glory Earrings

What Makes Accented Glory A Small Business To Shop

According to Cross, all of her headbands are adjustable— making them perfect for women who love to rock their natural curls. “One of the most common complaints I hear about headbands is that they’re too tight and cause headaches,” she explains. “My designs allow the wearer to control the fit.”

The Showstopper

Cross says that people love her cowrie shell and African print designs that have an Afrocentric and boho chic vibe that never goes out of style. “I want each piece to be stylish and timeless,” the accessory designer notes.

What’s Next For Accented Glory

If you love Accented Glory’s hair accents and jewelry, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the brand’s newest products. “I recently expanded into handbags,” she tells us with excitement. “Leather is my new bae. I love working with leather because it’s so versatile.”

She has also incorporated her signature cowrie shells and African print/textiles into the designs of the handmade handbags.

How To Support

To be a part of Tonya Cross’s story and help her continue to grow, check out her website at Remember, one purchase from a small business could change someone’s life! Also, give it a follow on Instagram.

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