Be Kind In The Workplace: Let’s Boost Morale And Reduce Stress Together! 

Career and leadership consultant Dr. Hamaria Crockett shares a list of kind gestures designed to boost the morale of any team.

Women being kind together at work
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Workplace culture continues to climb the chart as one of the most important factors when choosing a 9-5. Gone are the days when professionals solely came to work for the paycheck. In addition to higher wages and a safe/inclusive environment, workers have openly expressed their desire to have a stress-free office that encourages collaboration.

We spoke to Dr. Hamaria Crockett, the managing partner at DH Global Consulting Group and the International Coaching Federation, and she confirmed that kindness can go a long way in achieving a healthy work environment. 

“Kindness has taken on a new significance in the workplace—it’s in the realm of wellness,” Dr. Crockett shares with BrownStyle Magazine about the movement sweeping forward-thinking businesses. “Statistics indicate that companies lose up to $300 billion due to employee unhappiness and stress. An unexpected act of kindness might be what an employee requires to improve their day, week, or even year.”

Photo of women happily working together in an office
Photo by Alexander Suhorucov

According to the career and leadership consultant, kindness in the workplace should start at the leadership level in order to trickle down into the everyday work culture. 

“Whether receiving a note acknowledging a job well done or a thoughtful gift during challenging times, kindness engages employees and contributes to reducing workplace stress,” Dr. Crockett explains, noting encouragement and support can instantly change the vibe of the office. 

She adds, “Considering the high costs associated with hiring new employees, maintaining a culture that encourages retention is cost-effective and crucial for creating an environment where individuals choose to stay.”

Promoting Kindness In The Workplace 

To positively change the energy in a workplace, Dr. Crockett suggests leaders create initiatives that encourage kindness beyond words, but in action. 

“Leaders can visibly engage in random acts of kindness within the company, not merely for a photo opportunity but as a genuine effort to influence and shift the company culture towards kindness,” the TEDx speaker advises.

Individuals seek purpose in their roles and value positive relationships with their coworkers. To help create better team relationships, Dr. Crockett advises leaders to encourage team members to get to know each other. “Acts of kindness can serve as an incentive, breaking down some of the company barriers and creating opportunities for employees to learn more about one another,” she notes.

Navigating Challenges

Women working together
Photo by Alexander Suhorucov

​​Like any new work initiative, there can be challenges. When introducing an act of kindness program to the team, Dr. Crockett says it’s crucial to explain it clearly to both small and large groups. 

“It’s unfair to assume that everyone in the company is accustomed to random acts of kindness, especially when working with global companies,” the workplace expert cautions. “Establish avenues for teams to ask questions and ensure the initiative is anchored in a broader context, such as team happiness, retention, or alignment with company values. Clarifying the ‘why’ behind the program and how it contributes to the overall well-being of the company is always beneficial. ”

Thoughtful Gestures That Will Bring Joy To The Office

Below, see Dr. Crockett’s list of kind gestures that will help boost the morale of any team. 

  1. Organize a monthly team breakfast for virtual teams.
  2. Donate a vacation or sick day to a struggling coworker.
  3. Celebrate a team member’s birthday.
  4. Contribute to a charitable cause on behalf of an employee/coworker.
  5. Send a virtual card or note.
  6. Create a positive forum on Teams/Slack so that members can post positive words or quotes.
  7. Take the opportunity to recommend someone for recognition as a spontaneous and positive gesture.
  8. Gift your favorite book to a colleague.
  9. Invite someone to lunch.
  10.  Leave a LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague.

“These acts of kindness rarely fail to bring smiles to employees’ faces,” Dr. Crockett shares with confidence. 

Sometimes the world is a cruel place, and not everyone gets the support they need. We must constantly remind ourselves to treat one another with kindness whenever we can. A small, random act of kindness can make a big difference.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

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