How Juicing Refreshed My Mind And Body Ahead Of The New Season

Find out about my four-day juice fast that helped me feel more hydrated, sleep better, and experience increased energy.

Juicing With The Nama Juicer Helped Refresh My Mind And Body
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As someone passionate about health and wellness, I enjoy diving into new experiences to expand the boundaries of my soulful soft life.

In the ever-evolving world of health and wellness trends, there’s a constant buzz around the latest discoveries promising transformative benefits. One trend that has often crossed my timeline (and probably yours too) is the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer.

Known for its distinctive design, the cold press juicer took social media by storm last summer thanks to its innovative hopper technology and promise of an increased juice yield. After a recommendation from my aunt, who happens to be an avid juicer, I gave it a try.

Below, read about my four-day juice fast that helped me feel more hydrated, sleep better, and experience increased energy just in time for the new season.

My Five-Day Juicing Journey

Despite being miles apart, my aunt and I agreed to commit to a four-day juice fast. After a shopping spree at my local farmer’s market, my kitchen transformed into a workspace filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. I also took to Amazon to get Ruckae’s 16oz 10 Pack Juice Bottles (Buy On Amazon) to make the most of each juicing session.

Each day, I felt empowered as I crafted fun and nutritious juices that represented different shades of the rainbow. Watching the Nama J2’s slowly press each fruit and vegetable to unlock the most nutrients and flavors was fascinating, especially after seeing how dry the pulp came out of the other side.

The second and third days were the heart of my juicing experience. During this time, I experimented with different fruit and vegetable combinations like pineapple, cucumber, lime, and mint. I found myself drinking two 16-fluid-ounce juices and two one-fluid-ounce shots a day. And with each glass, I felt renewed. It was freshness in every sip!

The experience was so amazing that I decided to extend the fast to five days. Through my journey, I realized I needed more juices daily to feel satisfied. I bumped it up to six juices a day, along with the shots.

As the journey neared its end, I felt a sense of accomplishment and reaped some serious rewards.

The Rewards And Impact Of Juicing

After my four-day juicing journey, I reflected on its profound impact on my physical and mental health. Beyond shedding weight and gaining energy, I found myself revitalized and reawakened ahead of Spring’s official arrival.

My sleep quality improved significantly, and I woke up feeling rejuvenated. My digestion improved, making me feel less bloated. My hydration levels were also noticeably better, meaning I no longer craved constant water consumption. In fact, even my mood was much more upbeat as I prepared each day to tackle my busy schedule.

Changing My Lifestyle One Sip At A Time

As I continue on my path to a more soulful soft life, I integrate fresh juices into my daily routine. My aunt and I continue to swap juice recipes, far beyond the 4-day challenge.

The impact of my juicing journey has extended beyond the physical realm. My experience has successfully reminded me of the importance of self-care and taking time out of my schedule to care for me first. For example, although it takes time to cut the fruits and vegetables, I find myself looking forward to juicing because I understand the benefits outweighs the hassle. It’s about living in harmony with your body and soul, one sip at a time.

It also deepened my appreciation for fresh produce. There is nothing as sweet as a citrus fruit fresh and ready for juicing. The smell alone is a mood booster!

While I enjoy crafting my own juices, there are times when I can’t spare the effort due to a hectic schedule. That’s why I appreciate Pressed Juicery’s Refresh+ Blue Pineapple Lemonade—it tastes just like one I would make at home.

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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