The ‘Hot List’: Wellness Products We Loved In February!

Discover the latest wellness treasures that crossed our editor's desks in February 2024.

The Wellness 'HOT List' For BrownStyle Magazine
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In today’s world, we are all on the constant search for peace and balance. At BrownStyle Magazine, we believe that self-care and wellness are the keys to resetting and rejuvenating.

Last month, our editors (and media friends) tested several wellness products designed to help make soft living more achievable. From a journal to write down all our goals and aspirations to a stylish yoga mat, take a look at the products that landed on our desks and earned a spot on our HOT LIST for February 2024.

Tweety Elitou, Editor-in-Chief

The Maniscripting Journal

“There’s power in writing down your goals and aspirations. Lately, I’ve been intentional about taking time to self-reflect and map out my plans—especially for 2024. The Maniscripting Journal comes with guided prompts, daily planners, habit trackers, and activation challenges to make it easy to achieve anything you put your mind to. I love that the 90-day journal is undated, which takes away the feelings of guilt if you miss a day. It’s become a big part of my daily routine!” 

Emerald Elitou, Creative Director 

Leefy Organics | NIDRA Tart Cherry Supplement

“I occasionally have trouble falling asleep— especially when my mind is racing with new ideas! When I learned about Leefy Organics’ NIDRA Tart Cherry Supplement, I was curious if it could help me get a full night’s rest.

Following a month of use, I can report that the tart cherry supplement improved my ability to go to sleep without making me feel groggy in the morning. It has quickly become a necessary part of my wellness regimen! As a bonus, the formula also helps aid in inflammation, calms the nervous system, improves circulation, reduces pain, and promotes recovery.”

Confetti Snacks | Teriyaki BBQ Vegetable Chips

“Sometimes after a long day, I crave a crunchy snack that’s packed with flavor. I recently discovered Confetti Snacks’ Teriyaki BBQ Vegetable Chips, and I cannot describe how much I enjoy indulging in the guilt-free snack that’s packed with nutrients.”

GoodPop | Just Juice Mini Cans

“To me, wellness is keeping my health intact without depriving myself of things I love. Take soda for instance. I’m someone who loves soda; however, I am not a fan of the high sugar content in each can. Hoping to satisfy my cravings for a bubbly beverage without regret, I gave GoodPops Mini Cans a try. It’s a yummy alternative!”

Heather Elitou, Sr. Managing Editor 

Beurer | Nordic Lux Faux Fur Heated Electric Blanket

“I love a warm and cozy weekend at home— especially after a busy week! To help me unwind, I enjoy curling up on the couch with my favorite snack and catching up on all the Netflix series I haven’t had time to watch during the week. To stay cozy, I like to use my Beurer Premium Microplush Heating Blanket. It has four heat settings, an auto shut-off feature, quick heating, and overheating protection. It’s like a gentle hug!”

Worth the Weight by Keisha “WriteNow” Allen

“Speaking of curling up on the sofa, sometimes I forgo my TV time in exchange for a good book. Recently, I’ve been reading Keisha “WriteNow” Allen’s debut novel, Worth the Weight: A Love Like No Other. This page-turner is about a young woman who loves to sing, but she hates being fat. It doesn’t help that the first boy she ever liked as a child rejected her because of her weight.

The book was written to encourage and inspire women about the importance of self-love and following their passion which is what I loved most about the book. Allen tackles serious topics with lighthearted humor, creating a fun reading experience that lasts even when the book ends.”

Erika Pisano, Beauty & Wellness Writer

Armra | Colostrum 

“After a long year of being diagnosed with an infection that destroyed my digestive system and had me down almost 40 pounds, I was finally cleared to begin my path of healing. Healing has been very hard, but ARMRA Colostrum is a wellness supplement that’s made my health journey so much more tolerable.

Although I’ve seen countless social media ads for this product and a lot of people in my infectious disease support group mentioned this supplement, what made me officially try it was Skinny Confidential’s Him & Her Podcast about colostrum. In the episode, Dr. Sarah Rahal, the founder and CEO of ARMRA, talked about the many benefits colostrum has in providing nutrition to heal your gut and build your immune system.

I’m only on my first few weeks of trying this supplement and it already has made such a significant difference in healing my gut. It has not only helped me digest food again but it’s also reduced the inflammation in my colon and has left me feeling overall better.”

Uqora | Flush Urinary Tract Health Drink Mix

“I’ll never stop raving about Uqora’s Flush for urinary tract health. This powder tastes just like a refreshing glass of pink lemonade but is filled with a variety of Vitamin C, B6, Calcium, Magnesium, and its hero ingredient: D-mannose.

D-mannose is an ingredient we should all incorporate into our daily regimen to maintain a healthy urinary tract. Whether or not you suffer from UTI’s, this supplement can be taken weekly to ensure your tract is as healthy as possible and to avoid any complications in the long run.”

Blogilates | Beginner Lightweight Yoga Mat 

“As I eased my way back into working out, I chose to reward myself with a fresh yoga mat. Wanting to avoid a hefty price tag, I found the perfect Blogilates mat at Target. Retailing for just $22, I was thrilled with the quality of the mat. It also helps that the chic design adds an extra layer of appeal. I now enter my yoga classes with confidence and style ready to take on an hour of pure serenity.”

Nerissa Peralta, Social Media Contributor

Fancii | Gala Rechargeable Mirror

“I received Fancii’s Gala Rechargeable Mirror as a gift, and I use it almost every day. The rechargeable lighting around the mirror has the perfect brightness for me to do my hair and makeup with ease, even when I’m on the go. It even has little storage areas that hold your products while you’re getting ready.”

Bedsure | Satin Pillowcase

“A satin pillowcase is so worth it for those who want to maintain their hairstyles for longer than one day. The girls that get it, get it! Say bye-bye to tangles, fizziness, and breakage. Satin pillowcases also reduce wrinkles and fine lines in your skin. Who knew that you could practice self-care in your sleep?”

Editor’s Note: This story has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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