I Saw The Advance Screening Of ‘The Color Purple’ Movie— Here’s What I Learned! 

The 2023 remake of the film was a strong reminder of the value of sisterhood.

Sisters wearing purple and enjoying the Color Purple Movie
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Sisterhood has been a prominent theme in many of my favorite shows and movies throughout my life. For example, Sister, Sister was one of my favorite comfort shows as a kid. I’ve also been known to indulge in my guilty pleasure of watching Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls over and over again. 

The one aspect of sisterhood that’s resonated over the years from my favorite TV shows and films is you don’t have to grow up with a person for you to call them your sister. 

When I received an invite from BrownStyle Magazine to attend ‘The Color Purple’ Movie Screening x Panel By Carol’s Daughter on December 13, I jumped at the offer. Not only was I getting an exclusive opportunity to see a highly anticipated film weeks before its release date, but I was also going to be able to be a part of history.

During the summer, I saw the first teaser of the 2023 adaptation of The Color Purple while enjoying a solo date at the movies. I remember being pleasantly surprised to see celebrities like Fantasia Barrino, Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, Halle Bailey, and Ciara starring in the new movie based on Alice Walker’s classic novel.

Although I was excited for the film’s Christmas debut, I remember thinking to myself, how can you top the original? One lesson that I can take away from this film— outside of the many lessons within the story— is that not everything has to be compared.

My Experience

I drove almost 2 hours through rush hour to get to Alamo Drafthouse within Albee Square in Brooklyn, NY. One thing to know about Brooklyn if you’re not from there, it’s always a hassle to get to your destination— especially when you’re driving through rush hour traffic. Once I got into the building, the vibes that radiated around the room instantly made the standstill traffic worth it.

The cinema lobby was decorated with beautiful purple flowers, a branded backdrop for anyone who wanted their picture taken, and a line of beautiful people waiting to sign in. I noticed groups of girlfriends decked out in their boldly purple outfits, many of whom were talking about their first time seeing the 1985 version of the movie, which starred Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, and Oprah Winfrey.

Once we got signed in, we were ushered to a reception area where we were served tasty cocktails and finger foods to snack on until the show started. I enjoyed a delicious Brooklyn Bramble, a delectable raspberry gin drink while chatting with a few other attendees. 


The Color Purple Movie! ✨️🤎 On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the new adaptation of The Color Purple (@thecolorpurple)— presented by Carol’s Daughter (@carolsdaughter). I enjoyed tasty food & delicious cocktails curated by Alamo Drafthouse (@alamonyc), experienced an exciting performance from Brickhouse NYC (@Brickhouse.nyc), and listened to insightful conversations about sisterhood and authenticity from a panel of highly intelligent Black women. The movie was better than I could’ve imagined! Go see The Color Purple when it comes out in theaters on Christmas Day to learn the true meaning of loving yourself and those around you! Follow for more videos and good vibes! ✨️🤎 Written/video by: @nerissaarianna | BrownStyle Magazine’s Social Media Contributor @brownstyle Series | “Nerissa Goes Places” EP.3 **** #CarolsDaughterxTheColorPurple #TheColorPurple #TheColorPurpleMovie #colorpurplemovie #thecolorpurple2023

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Before the movie, we were gifted with a live performance by an African band from Brickhouse NYC to bring in the “ancestors” according to the founder of Carol’s DaughterLisa Price

The movie was way better than I could’ve imagined! The Color Purple held on to its central theme of valuing yourself and true sisterhood. Not to spoil anything, but the story was once again a thought-provoking film that touched on a wide range of topics, including struggle, intolerance, and real love. 

My Takeaway From ‘The Color Purple’ Movie

After the movie, a panel of intelligent Black women took the stage to discuss what the film meant to them. Amid the candid conversation, one of them asked, “What do you want to see happen at your table?” 

Another panelist responded that they wanted more of a sisterhood with their friends, which looks like more open honesty, and support with no judgment. She went on to share that sisterhood should provide a safe space that allows you to navigate obstacles together and find strength in one another. 

These days, many people are determined to take on their struggles by themselves, in an effort to not burden others. The reality is that it doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to get through life. 

The reality is that it doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to get through life. 

The first thing I did when I got out of that theatre was call up my older sister to check in on her. We spoke for about an hour during my ride home and just caught up with each other on what was new in our lives. 

This movie was a reminder that I don’t have to go through anything alone when I have a community of sisters who love me for who I am. Sophia, Shug, and Nettie all showed up for Celie in the ways that they could and that was what mattered most at the end of the day. 

It has pushed me to continue nourishing the soil that allows me to build flourishing relationships with those who are special in my life— even if they aren’t my blood sisters. Being able to lean on someone that you can call your sister is often taken for granted. Sisterhood is more valuable than you’d imagine.

Be sure to get tickets to see The Color Purple movie tomorrow on Christmas Day (December 25, 2023)! 

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