How To Get Back On Track With Your Fitness Routine—According To A Fitness Expert! 

Find out the secrets to meeting your fitness goals!

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Spring is the perfect time to start (or revive) a fitness routine! Just think about it. With the new season comes the perfect opportunity to start fresh and make good on the wellness goals you more than likely added to your vision board at the beginning of the year.

Rather than waiting until next year to get back on track, we challenge you to embrace Spring’s arrival with the recommitment to your health and wellness goals. To help you get started, we spoke to an expert to find out how to take advantage of the longer days, nicer weather, and an overall feeling of renewal in the air to ace your fitness goals. 

Keep scrolling to find out why Marie Cambe— the Senior Master Coach at [solidcore]— is a strong advocate for utilizing the energy of Spring to rekindle our exercise regimens and get back into action. 

Spring’s Motivational Impact

According to Cambe, an active lifestyle doesn’t have to involve going to the gym every day. It might just be as simple as taking more walks outside. That’s why the fitness expert always suggests getting outdoors at the beginning of Spring. 

“Being outside is therapeutic not only for the body but also for the mind,” Cambe tells us. “Taking a walk or a jog in the park is more enticing when the sun is shining and you’re wearing fewer layers. Use Spring as an excellent excuse to walk to brunch to meet your friends or bike to work.”

Stay Motivated With Realistic Goals

When it comes to refreshing your fitness routine, Cambe suggests starting small. Like with any goal, it’s all about consistency and having a plan. Your fitness habits won’t happen overnight, which is why she reminds us all to be patient.

“Change doesn’t happen overnight, it starts with an intention until it becomes a behavior, then a habit, then a practice. Give yourself grace. Before you know it, it will become second nature,” she explains. “If you don’t have a fitness routine yet, start with a more attainable goal.”

Additionally, she says that you can’t expect every day to be the same because progress comes with the occasional setback. “Your best today is going to look different from yesterday and tomorrow. Sometimes you’re going at 100; sometimes you can only give 50, and that is okay. There is no progress without any setbacks—it’s how you react to your setbacks that matter.”

Marie Cambe’s Secrets To Staying Motivated

  • Commit To 2-3 Days Of Movement Each Week: “If you need to give yourself a rest day, do it! That’s your body telling you to rest and recover.”
  • Carve Out 30-45 Minutes Each Day To Work Out: “Block out time in your schedule for your workouts and put them in your calendar. We are more likely to do something if it’s planned.”
  • Find A Fitness Activity That’s Fun: “I started with a spin class. It was so fun, it felt like dancing on a bike!”

Set A Plan To Meet Your Fitness Goals

For those who like to work out in the morning, she highly recommends signing up for an early bird workout class. “I’m motivated to show up when I know I’ll be charged with a cancellation fee if I don’t,” she shares with a chuckle.  

For the night owls, it’s all about preparation. That’s why Cambe suggests packing a bag with your workout clothes to go to the gym or fitness class straight from work. “Getting there is always the hardest part, but I promise you it will pay off,” she adds. 

If you just want to move your body, Cambe suggests taking a group fitness class that works out outdoors. She adds taking a high-energy class that you love can be a perfect way to stay on track with your goals.

If you’re looking to change your body composition, Cambe suggests working with a personal trainer to stay motivated and help you shape your goals. 

Track Your Progress

While many people believe strictly in weighing themselves to keep track of their progress, Cambe reminds us that that isn’t the only way we can take notice of weight loss results. “I think the best way to track and monitor weight and body composition is to take pictures of yourself—front, side, and back, which you can do at the end of every month,” the expert explains.

If your goal is to track your strength, she highly suggests keeping track of the weights you use each week in a journal or the notes on your phone. As a measure of success, she also advises paying close attention to how your body feels. “Do you feel more energetic? Do you feel stronger? Are you more or less hungry? These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself,” she concludes.

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