The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
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The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends We Adore! 

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There’s nothing quite like the embrace of Autumn. Despite the chillier temperatures, we’re feeling all warm and fuzzy thanks to the return of pumpkin-spiced lattes, brisk morning walks, and the irresistible allure of sweater weather.

The opportunity to try new Fall fashion trends also builds on the excitement for the new season. Social media confirms we’re not the only ones. TikTok’s fashion community is ablaze with creators showing off their stylish new wardrobes filled with fashionable sweaters, trendy outerwear, and comfy boots for the Fall.

After combing through countless videos to find inspiration, our editors present to you the Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide! From off-the-shoulder sweaters to wardrobe essentials, we’ve compiled a list of the best fashion trends we spotted on TikTok. We even asked a few of our fashionable colleagues from other outlets to weigh in!

We hope this list serves as inspiration as you continue to shop for new additions to your wardrobe. Let’s navigate this season in style!

Off-The-Shoulder Sweaters

Photos by PrettyLittleThing, Eloquii, Foverever21

According to our Creative Director Emerald Elitou, off-the-shoulder sweaters are not just a fashion statement; they’re a symbol of Fall’s cozy and romantic allure. “They are designed to show a little skin but still keep you warm,” she shares about the sultry style that’s taking social media by storm.

Since the style of sweater isn’t worn around the neck, Emerald suggests turning to bold accessories like large hoop earrings, layered necklaces, and even eye-catching sunglasses (like: Woodys Eyewear’s Neret Sunglasses) to elevate the look.

Striped Sweaters

Photos by Grey Bandit, Macy’s, Grey Bandit

In Jailynn Taylor‘s opinion, striped sweaters will never go out of style. The fashion writer reveals that she’s been hooked on these playful sweaters, even before the seasonal shift. “It’s a great transitional piece and timeless enough that you won’t have to stress about replacing it next Fall/Winter,” she notes.

Jailynn recommends styling a striped sweater draped over the shoulders of a dress or short-sleeved shirt in the early days of Fall because you can easily throw it on if the weather begins to get too chilly. As the temperatures continue to drop, she suggests wearing your sweater layered over a button-down shirt with a mini skirt, tights, and knee-high boots.

Quarter Zip-Up Sweaters

Photos by White Fox Boutique, PrettyLittleThing, Grey Bandit

Quarter zip-up sweaters are back! Designed to keep you cozy and warm throughout the day, the style of knit sweater has once again gained popularity on TikTok thanks to its chic and effortless design.

Sisi Elitou, our Editorial Assistant and self-proclaimed TikTok fashion enthusiast, is overjoyed to see the return of the comfy sweaters. “They are easy to style, comfortable, and reminds me of some of the iconic fashion moments from the 1990s.” 

She plans to pair her favorite quarter zip-up sweater with a cargo skirt, boots, and plenty of gold jewelry.

Long-Sleeve Fitted Tops

The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photos by Cham, Micas, Luxeire

Long-sleeve fitted tops are considered a fashion essential for the Fall. “They allow you to stay warm without compromising your style,” our Editor-in-Chief Tweety Elitou shares, noting how the simple design makes it perfect for layering.

She adds, “I personally like to wear mine with a trendy cardigan. Right now, I’m loving the Clara Cashmere Crew Cardigan from Reformation, especially since red is such a big color this season.”


The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photos by Grey Bandit, Abercrombie, Reformation

Denim is not just a trend; it’s a versatile fabric that never disappoints. This seemed to be the overall sentiment from our experts about the rise in denim gear for the Fall.

“It pretty much pairs well with everything,” Sisi shares, revealing she’s a huge fan of denim. “Personally, I adore a trusty denim jacket to keep me warm as the temperatures drop.”

Fashion reporter Melanie Lewis agrees, noting that she’ll be styling her denim jacket with a long-sleeve brown bodysuit, white thigh-high boots, a brown purse, and gold jewelry.

Taylor Augustin adds that she’s most excited about denim skirts this season. “The styling options are pretty endless, particularly with jean skirts that hit a midi length with a slit in the front or back. I love that they can be dressed down with some sneakers and a loose-fitting button-up. It can also be dolled up with a bodysuit, trench, and knee-high boots,” she explains.

Sweater Dresses

The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photos by Rebdolls, Abercrombie, PrettyLittleThing

Tweety is elated to see sweater dresses once again rise in popularity on TikTok. “They’re a must-have for the Fall because they’re easy to wear, can be worn for almost any occasion, and come in a variety of styles and cuts,” she shares.

When it comes to elevating the look to fit her personal style, the EIC says she prefers to style her sweater dresses with a belt, jewelry, and a fab handbag. She especially loves a form-fitted knit dress with tall boots like the Cindy Boots from Larroude.

Leather Outerwear

The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photos by Abercrombie, Abercrombie, PrettyLittleThing

From rockstar bomber jackets to daring trench coats, leather is the trend that exudes confidence and rebellion. With every stitch and texture, leather outerwear tells a story of fearless style.

Emerald advises investing in a good leather jacket that you’ll want to wear for years to come. “Honestly, leather jackets can never disappoint,” she shares with enthusiasm.

With cherry red and olive green being trendy colors for the season, the Creative Director suggests stepping out of your comfort zone with a jacket in one of the bold colors. “That’s exactly what I’m doing this season!” 

Shearling Jackets

The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photos by Abercrombie, Abercrombie, Forever21

The plush texture of a shearling jacket makes it a highly sought-after style for the Fall.

“You can easily pair it with baggy jeans and a crisp white T-shirt,” Jailynn suggests. “If you want to go the extra mile and really serve looks, my winning recipe is a fun printed mock neck, a midi skirt, and an ankle or knee-high boot.”

Although Jailynn turns to a cozy shearling jacket for day-to-day activities, like running errands and going out with friends, the fashion writer doesn’t recommend it for a fancy night out because she considers it too casual.

For a more put-together look featuring a shearling jacket, Taylor suggests pairing it with tailored pants and a bodysuit. “You’ll still feel nice and snug but look a bit more elevated.”

Trench Coats

The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photo by Forever21, Naked Wardrobe, Reformation

Trench coats are the embodiment of both sophistication and intrigue. In the world of fashion, they’re the enduring classics that always steal the spotlight.

With statement-making outerwear being huge on the runway this season, Tweety suggests daring to be different with a trench coat that features a bold design or fabric. “There are so many fun designs to choose from. It’s all about finding a coat that speaks to your personal style,” she reminds us.


The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photos by White Mountain Shoes, Zappos, Hush Puppies, Billini

Sometimes, the simplest styles make the boldest statements. Stylish loafers are all over our social media timelines, and Sisi is loving every minute of it!

“It’s a classic design that all the fashionable people wore—from Lisa Bonet to Julia Louis-Dreyfus,” she reminds us.

She personally loves that the shoes can even give you height without committing to heels. Sisi loves pairing her loafers with a cozy knit sweater, denim skirt, and a cute shoulder bag. 

Mary Janes

The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photos by Free People, Aerosoles, White Mountain Shoes, Famous Footwear

The TikTok fashion community never shies away from recirculating trends from the past, especially when the style is as timeless as Mary Janes. What Taylor likes about the shoe design is that it is comfy and provides a bit more spunk than a classic ballet flat or even loafers.

“If you’re looking to elevate your Fall ‘fits with some Mary Janes, you can’t go wrong with some frilly socks that hit just above the ankle,” she tells us. “It will make your entire outfit look much more seamless, whether you’re pairing it with a sweater dress, leather mini skirt with tights, or something else.”

Clogs & Slippers

The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: TikTok Trends Our Editors Adore! 
Photos by White Mountain Shoes, Famous Footwear, FitFlop, Billini

As the temperatures drop, clogs and clog slippers reemerge as cozy essentials for your Fall wardrobe. Jailynn reminds us of the Birkenstock Boston Clogs that had us all in a chokehold last Fall. “You were one of the lucky ones if you had the chance to indulge in the trend because the shoes were out of stock all season. It appears a year later, not much has changed,” she reveals. 

Clog slippers also offer the perfect blend of warmth and comfort. Emerald understands that clog slippers don’t appeal to everyone’s style, however, she says you’ll love them when you want to be comfortable and remain trendy. She explains, “When I know I’ll be on my feet, I’ll always choose comfort over fashion. That’s why the clog slipper trend is on my radar.” 

In need of style inspiration? Jailynn suggests styling them with a pair of mom jeans, a sweatshirt layered over a turtleneck, and a pair of white tube socks or leg warmers.  

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