Red Flags: Instant No-Nos When Choosing A New Hairstylist!

Celebrity hairstylist Annagjid "Kee" Taylor reveals the essential questions we should ask our hairstylist before booking an appointment. 

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As Women of Color, we don’t play about our hair. From our tight curls and waves to our luscious braids and locs, our hair is a big part of our identity.

Entrusting someone to do our hair— outside our mamas, grandmamas, aunties, and sisters— will always be sacred. If you know, you know. It’s all about finding someone who nurtures not only your hair but also your scalp. It’s also important to find someone with skilled hands who prioritizes our hair’s growth and caters to our style and preferences.  

Today, finding a professional hairstylist that fits your vibe (and price point) is no easy feat. However, according to celebrity stylist and founder of Deeper Than Hair SalonAnnagjid “Kee” Taylor, it’s not impossible to ask the right questions and know the red flags to look out for.

Ahead, Taylor shares the essential questions you should ask a hairstylist before booking an appointment. Plus, find out the best qualities to look for in a stylist.

Five Questions You Should Always Ask Your Hairstylist, According to Kee

  1. Are you a licensed cosmetologist? This speaks to their skill set and work in the field.
  2. How long have you been doing hair? This is important to ask because it speaks to their experience.
  3. What do you specialize in? All hair types are different. Various hair types require different specialists, and you want to be sure you see the right person for your unique hair type.
  4. Can I see some of your work? It is important to see a hairstylist’s work before you commit. Check out their social media and website to see their talent and confirm that they can work with your hair type.
  5. What kind of products do you use? Not everyone’s hair type can mesh well with all products. This is exactly why a proper consultation is so important.

Immediate Red Flags

No Proper Consultation 🚩

“If a stylist is not taking the time to give a proper consultation, they are not listening to the client’s wants and needs,” says Taylor. “Taking the time to do a proper consultation results in the client being happy and satisfied.”

Rushing You Out Of The Salon Chair 🚩

“The salon experience should be relaxing. Your stylist should not only be paying attention to you, but also making sure that you are comfortable,” Taylor reminds us. “If you feel uncomfortable, then more than likely you’re being rushed.”

Unfriendly And Bad Mannerism 🚩

According to Taylor, an unfriendly person with bad manners can be a super red flag. “A hairstylist-client relationship is intimate. That’s why the relationship with your stylist must always be a pleasant one,” she explains, noting the stylist’s overall environment should be positive.  

No Website Or Social Media 🚩

Nowadays, the first thing a person does when they research a person or business, regardless of their industry, is look up their social media.

“If your stylist is not building a profile on social media, then they are not making their skills and talents available to potential clients,” Taylor shares, noting the importance of a professional website as well. “You want to see the work that they do and if it is compatible with what you desire from a hairstylist.” 


Before booking an appointment, it’s important to know all the facts. When searching out a new hairstylist, check out their website for the following:

  • Availability & Scheduling
  • Pricing & Payment 
  • Hours of Operation
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Deals & Discounts
  • Reviews and Referrals

Best Qualities Of A Hairstylist

– Educated & In The Know

Hairstyling techniques and trends evolve. A professional hairstylist who invests in ongoing education is likely to provide the latest styles and treatments.

– A Good Listener

A hairstylist who listens in depth will instantly make you feel secure. Working with hair takes patience, time, and talent. If the stylist doesn’t listen to your preferences or doesn’t ask questions about your hair type and desired style, it’s a warning sign.

– Punctual & Flexible 

If you can’t trust your stylist to be on time, then it’s going to instantly damage the hairstylist-client relationship. This is why you should always look for a hairstylist who makes an appointment and sticks to it. Your stylist’s schedule should align with yours and should accommodate your needs. (Remember: Respecting someone’s time is a two-way street.)

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– Clean & Professional 

Your stylist should be dressed professionally and always look clean and neat. They should have a clean station and often clean their combs, brushes, and other tools before placing them in your hair. 

While you want your hairstylist to be friendly, you also want them to take you seriously and act accordingly. You don’t want someone who is gossiping, playing with their phone, or taking long breaks without checking on you. These are all red flags.

– Respect & Consistency

The stylist-client relationship is an intimate one! You have to feel heard and respected for it to work long-term. Look for a stylist who consistently delivers results that align with your expectations. 

– Good Vibes Only

If the place is unkept, and the atmosphere is not positive, then more than likely this is also how they will treat you and approach doing your hair. Tread lightly. 

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